For citizens, open land here is a dumping ground

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2018 09:51:37

This is not scenic beauty of any hill station It is the heap of garbage at Bhandewadi Dumping Yard


Staff Reporter,


Prabhag - 26

Prabhag 26 is known for Bhandewadi Dumping Yard where 1,100 tones of garbage, collected from all over the city, is dumped every day. This dumping yard is the biggest health hazard for the people living in the area. Many of them suffer from asthama, some of them have lost immunity. This dumping yard is the biggest source of insects that give birth to diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken gunia, flu, cholera etc. It might be the impact of this dumping yard but one would find mounds of garbage all over the prabhag. It is an eloquent example of how negligence of Corporators can lead to citizens’ suffering. No parent would be willing to send his or her ward to a school around which lot of garbage is piled up. Lot of plans for this dumping yard were thought but remained on paper.

(1)This is the mound of garbage along with water-logging behind the dumping yard, an ideal spot for mosquito breeding.
(2)Subsequent Governments kept announcing about Waste to Energy, the board is visible at Bhandewadi but nothing is done till now. (Pics by Vikas Vaidya)
(3)This is the filth between the Bhandewadi Railway Station and vegetable market which is posing a threat to the health of residents and commuters.
(4) NMC has installed dustbins (for collecting dry and wet garbage) at every nook and corner in



Nothing has come out of it as the paper on which the plans were drawn too got bureid under dust. The heap of garbage was 6 lakh tonnes two years ago at the dumping yard, the only one of its kind in this rapidly growing city. Now it has grown to 16 lakh tonnes, making life miserable for the people living in its vicinity. No elected representative-- corporator has ever made any effort to change the situation.

The Prabhag comprises of Vathoda Vasti, Vathoda lay-out, Sri Krishna Nagar, Vidyanagari, New Panther Nagar, Seshanagar, Shakti Mata Nagar, Jai Bhim Chowk, Sangharsh Nagar, Hiwari Layout. Except Sri Krishna Nagar and Vidyanagari, all of them full of filth. The road that leads to Bhandewadi dumping yard is strewn with garbage, filth, small ponds of dirty water, but nobody cares. The vehicle carrying garbage, moves towards the dumping yard, keeps dropping the filth all over the road that is lined with houses. Parents cannot dare send their children to move on such road. To add to the woes of the people, the road is in a very bad shape.


Dharmpal Meshram (No: 9422440607)(2)Manisha Kothe (9422444364, 9422113963)(3)Samita Chakole (9405971200)(4)Jitendra Kukde (9689898898)


A citizen of the area said that corporators don’t respond to their calls. They don’t visit the houses nor do they take pains to find some solution to this important issue. The complaint of the citizen was corroboarted when The Hitavada team called the four corporators of the Prabhag, only Manisha Kothe picked up the phone. The phone of Dharmpal Meshram was switched off while Bunty Kukde, who is also the Chairman of Transport Committee, did not respond to repeated calls. Another Corporator Samita Chakole was busy in some meeting.

Even if a corporator picks up the phone and visits the place, only tries to resolve the problem temporarily. Nobody thinks of a permanent solution.
People of the area themselves contribute to this misery by throwing garbage on open plots even if there are dustbins installed by the NMC at various places or around nullahs. But nobody takes initiative to educate these people.

There is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Swachha Nagpur, which had submitted a systematic plan for cleanliness but was ignored by authorities as well as elected representatives. The Health and Medical Services Committee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has put the blame on the citizens for mismanagement of the waste. It has even asked officials to file criminal cases against citizens in whose areas larvae of mosquitoes are found. Can this be the solution to the problem? According to Swachh Nagpur, All India Institute of Local Self Government conducts workshop for corporators focussing on various civic issues but less than 20% corporators attend it.

People allege that Corporators are mainly involved in their
politics and meetings related to party work. Corporators have funds which should be used for waste management. The education of people can make the difference.

Corporator not responsible for mess: Kothe
Manisha Kothe was aware of High Court order and also the meeting conducted by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) to which she belongs. But she does not know that corporators were expected to file an affidavit regarding the measures taken by them. Kothe refuses to take blame on her. According to her, corporators have no control over the garbage dumped in the Prabhag. She said, she keeps vigil in the prabhag and periodically informs health department of NMC. She alleges that responsibility is not fixed on people who leave their plots vacant where nearby residents dump garbage as NMC does not under take cleanliness drive.