Major reservoirs in Ngp Divn register second lowest storage in 6 yrs

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2018 10:18:09


Staff Reporter,

Totladoh reservoir on river Pench registers the second lowest live storage, as newly constructed Chourai dam in upper reaches of river Pench in MP registers 90.03% storage

The second consecutive year with less than average rainfall has adversely affected the live storage in major irrigation projects in Nagpur Division. In fact, the live storage in 18 major projects in the Division is at the second lowest mark since 2013. Totladoh reservoir, which has the highest storage capacity among all projects in Nagpur Division, has registered the second lowest storage.


Storage in Totladoh reservoir on river Pench since 2013

Year                               Storage

2013                              997 MM3
2014                              875 MM3 2015 956 MM3
2016                              769 MM3
2017                              231 MM3
2018                              287.37 MM3

(* Designed storage capacity of the project is 1,016.88 MM3)

Water storage in major projects in Nagpur Division in 5 years

Year                                Storage

2013                             2,857.04 MM3
2014                             2,549.13 MM3
2015                             2,355.69 MM3
2016                             2,009.04 MM3
2017                             1,164.35 MM3
2018                             1,648.08 MM3

(* Live storage as on September 13 for each year.)
(** Total designed storage capacity of major projects is 3,553.77 MM3)


The total designed storage capacity of these 18 major irrigation projects is 3,553.77 MM3. However, it has been declining since the year 2013. Last year, it was at the lowest mark in several years owing to inadequate and irregular rainfall. In 2017, live storage in major irrigation reservoirs in Nagpur Division was 1,164.35 MM3. This year, though the rainfall has been better compared to 2017, it is still inadequate.

Further, the storage stands affected due to construction of Chourai dam in Chhindwara district in adjoining State of Madhya Pradesh. Chourai, which is at the upper reach of river Pench, has designed storage capacity of 421.20 MM3.As against this, the live storage in Chourai reservoir as on September 13 was 379.21 MM3, which was 90.03 per cent of designed capacity.

However, this has adversely affected inflow in Totladoh reservoir on river Pench in Nagpur district. As a result, as against designed storage capacity of 1,016.88 MM3, live storage in Totladoh reservoir was merely 287.37 MM3 on September 13. It was only 28.16 per cent of the designed capacity. As per the data available with Water Resources Department, this is the second lowest live storage in Totladoh reservoir. Previously, the reservoir recorded 231 MM3 live storage as on September 13, 2017, due to deficient rainfall. Totladoh being the reservoir with the highest designed storage capacity among 18 major projects in Nagpur Division, such a big decline in storage has affected overall water availability in irrigation projects in the region.

Apart from Totladoh, three other major projects in Nagpur Division have recorded the lowest ever live storage. These include Kamthi Khairy and Wadgaon in Nagpur district, Bor and Dham in Wardha district. The designed storage capacity of Kamthi Khairy is 141.74 MM3, against which the live storage on September 13 was only 58.13 MM3 (41.01 per cent). Wadgaon project has live storage of 111.84 MM3 as against designed capacity of 135 MM3. Bor’s designed capacity is 123 MM3, against which the live storage is 38.46 MM3 (31.27 per cent). Dham project has 22.97 MM3 live storage as against designed capacity of 59.49 MM3. The low storage in reservoirs is likely to affect the prospects of protective irrigation towards the end of Kharif season, and during Rabi season.

As far as Totladoh reservoir is concerned, already the low storage has sent alarm bells ringing for not only farmers but also Nagpur city, which is largely dependent on the project for water supply.