Mission rehabilitation of Persons with Disability, Abhijit Raut way

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2018 10:10:13


By Ajay Mardikar,

Abhijit Raut, Co-ordinator of District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, Nagpur, who was instrumental in treating every single Person with Disability in Nagpur District, has set another goal for himself.
Raut has resolved to reach 50,000 Persons with Disabilities (PwD) by June 2019. The resolution has come following success in issuing all the relevant documents to all the PwDs in Nagpur. The district has 1,13,941 PwDs, 63,957 males and 49,984 females.

Raut introduced a computer software, developed by him with a friend to facilitate evaluation of the disability, possible requirement of the PwD in future and issued all documents which the person would need.

The software was made operative in Government Medical College and Indira Gandhi Government Medical College. For the first time in India, the system was made operative in Nagpur. Besides facilitating evaluation and issuance of certificates, Raut has been making efforts for their rehabilitation. He also introduced a mobile App through which the PwDs are updated on opportunities available, government decisions and schemes for their rehabilitation and welfare, documents required for getting travel concessions and other benefits for treatment etc. At the same time autism was introduced as a type of disability and its evaluation started in Nagpur.

By June 16, 2018, Raut had reached 16,000 PwD. With the initial teething problems the efforts have gained pace and issuance of documents to the PwD has become easy.

With the success of the system introduced in Nagpur, Raut was summoned to implement the system in Gadchiroli and Chandrapur district. Raut is facing difficulties because of lack of awareness among the people in the tribal dominated Gadchiroli district. Reaching out to them in distant, remote and difficult areas is another challenge accepted by Raut. If Nagpur is taken as a model and dedicated workers like Abhijit Raut are handed over the responsibility to implement the system, rehabilitation of the PwD and bringing them to the main stream of life will not be a very distant dream.

Maharashtra has 29,63,392 PwDs, as per the census of 2011. Of them 16,92,285 are males and 12,71,107 are females. Persons like Abhijit Raut in every district can bring about the desired change within a few years. The other related departments of the Government are required to work in unison for achieving the goal of complete rehabilitation of the PwDs in the state.