Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Sep 2018 11:35:19

Greetings to the readers. Today I have taken this initiative to highlight the immense importance of engineers and doctors. Engineers and doctors are the only two professionals who make a country progress, develop and flourish. Engineers and doctors form the only two major pioneers of the society. What the developing country needs today is nothing but the engineers and doctors.

Many of you might disagree with me and simply roll eyes. It will not bother me because I am not hypothesizing a new theory, but I am only penning down today’s scene. Because that’s what most of us think. We want our children to go in good schools, good schools means good teachers. Do we want to become teacher? Most of the answers are “No”. With every sip of morning tea we need a para of news to read and think and analyse. Do we want to become journalist? Most of the answers are “No”. We want our lives to be eased but are we ready to lock ourselves up in a room, spend years of thinking and give something useful to the society? Most answers are “No”. The list is endless and constantly increasing.

Absence or shortcoming of even one of the ingredients can ruin a unique dish and disorient its composition. Same is the case here. Every profession has got a specific role in the society, no one has the ability to compensate the other.
I do not deny the very fact that engineers and doctors are major assets to the country. But I want to emphasise that “engineers and doctors are ONE of the assets to the society and not the ONLY”.

Entrance exams will begin soon. Those who could not perform well will by default enrol themselves in the list of “good for nothing people”. Each individual is blessed with a certain quality, explore it. Getting disqualified in a few exams isn’t end of life, you have an ocean of opportunities awaiting you. Work on your plus points, proliferate it, make it your passion.

Something that doesn’t tire you motivates you, refreshes you, gives you a feeling of immense satisfaction. When your passion becomes your career, you are destined to be at the top. There will be no one with whom you can be compared, because you will be the best. The winner always stands alone.

To be unique we are to face innumerable failures, demotivating thoughts, not to participate in the rat race, it requires guts to be different... The road not taken mostly will be filled with difficulties on every steps, but if its your passion difficulties turn into opportunity that will rejuvenate you. The end result will spellbind every one. You will be an inspiration to many and be regarded as successful.

Why do we have to choose a profession? To earn and be happy? If you do not enjoy your profession, it becomes a burden, the entire life you will keep coursing yourself, “the day if I had some guts to fight everyone else’s decision and be what I wanted to I could have been more happier”.
Choose your passion and not that of others. When you achieve your ultimate target, your happiness knows no bounds, you appreciate and congratulate yourselves for being unique, you have back to pat on and a life to enjoy.

















Tanvi Parag Yelne
Montfort School.