To feel nothing

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Sep 2018 11:27:55

HOW does it sometimes actually feel to feel nothing? I am not influenced by anyone or anything. It’s the way I’m feeling... Nothing. Pouring these things out also needs emotions and that emotion is of being numb.

It’s strange to know that no one knows what’s actually going on with any person. Not even your parents. All they care is about studies and career. Your friends don’t understand and you don’t know what next. But don’t ever do they give a thought as to what is going on in their children’s life? So who’s out there for you?

I was the one who loved loneliness. But living it kills you every moment. You just want someone to be there, to listen to, to sit beside, to understand the silence, to just give a simple hug or just hold close. Is it really so difficult?

Sometimes the heart is tired of everything, it does some things for some people and like a stranger they don’t even recognise. But sometimes it’s time for that salty water (tears) to evaporate. Yes, that thunder shower will affect people. Yes, they will recover from the damage done. Life will come to normal and they will do that and again all you have to do is smile and go ahead because people will surely prepare for disasters to come. But they will not give a thought to prevent it or just understand the phenomenon behind it.













Mrunmayee P Nagpure

Fergusson College,Pune.