City ready to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami today

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2018 11:10:13


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Preparations are in full swing ahead of the religious festival. Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on September 2 and 3

The religious pious festival of the country ‘Krishna Janmashtami’ will be celebrated with great fervour on Sunday and Monday. Preparations are in full swing ahead of the religious festival.

The devotees have started the preparations and arrangements for the programmes being held on the day. The markets can also be seen with the shine and zeal of the festival. A number of shops in the city, street shops selling religious stuffs, Krishna idols, swing, clothes and jewellery of Lord Krishna, Matki for ‘Matki Phod Programme’, special bhog, etc. Even adorable Krishna dresses are also available in the market for the toddlers, who carry attire of Lord Krishna and Radha on the day. Crowd of devotees buying all the stuffs can be seen in the State capital.

‘Janmashtami’ is also called as ‘Gokulashtami’ which marks the birth of Lord Krishna. It is an annual Hindu festival that is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. This year, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on September 2, Sunday and September 3, Monday. Mostly people would be celebrating this religious festival on Monday as per Hindu calendar. Various religious ceremonies will be held marking the occasion at homes and temples. Several programmes based on theme Krishna will also be held at various places of the city.

Lord Krishna is believed to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, his birthday is celebrated with great pomp and show across India. Therefore, it is one of the religious occasions which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Women also draw tiny foot prints outside their house doors and kitchen, walking towards their house, a symbolism for Krishna’s journey into their homes. Children also take part in many competitions like Krishna Radha fancy dress, dance, song, skit, etc.

The centre of attraction would be ‘Matki Phod’ programme in which a group of boys called ‘Govindas’ will be breaking earthen pot (Matki or Handi) filled with butter hanged at the top on the string tied on two poles. The traditional Dahi Handi event is celebrated every year with great energy commemorating the innocent childhood fantasy of Lord Krishna. The ‘Govindas’ form a pyramid. The competition winner is also awarded with prizes.