Near 40% rise in rape cases this year in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2018 09:46:43


By Alka Panse-Tiwari,

Every second day, a rape complaint is filed in the Second capital of Maharashtra

THOUGH the statistics show a decrease in crime rate in Nagpur in the last two years, crime against women remains a cause of worry. The city witnessed an increase of nearly 40% rape cases this year, of which, police said, most are reported after failed love relationships.
As per the annual statistics of State Police Department, the number of murders, attempt to murders, dacoity, robberies and other cases has come down but rape and molestation cases have increased.

The data maintained by city police department shows 105 cases of rape registered till date in 2018. In comparison, 92 cases were registered in 2017 while 2016 saw 94 cases.
As per the statistics, every second day a rape complaint is filed in the city. Same is the case in molestation cases. In 2016, 236 cases of outraging of modesty were registered, while in 2017 total 230 cases were registered. By July 2018, 219 cases of molestation have been reported in city police stations, that comes to one complaint every day.

This increasing number in crime against women has disturbed Commissioner of Police Dr B K Upadhyay. However, he said, only two to three per cent of such cases are genuine. “Only 2 to 3 % cases are genuine while in other cases, offenders are known to the victims. Majority of the cases are reported due to failed love affairs or live-in relationships going bad. In genuine cases, the offenders are family members or relatives,” Dr Upadhyay said while noting that awareness was the only tool to reduce such incidents.

In the last two weeks, Ajni police received two rape complaints in which a 42-year-old relative (aunt’s husband) raped a two-year-old girl and a 26-year-old neighbour raped a 13-year-old girl. Recently, Lakadganj police arrested a 50-year-old man for molesting a minor and Nandanvan police arrested a tuition teacher for allegedly molesting 15-year-old minor. In many other incidents reported in city, the offenders are minors.

Dr Upadhyay said, nowadays people do not hesitate to report or hide such cases. “Whoever is the offender, be it a friend, relative, father, brother, a teacher or anybody, people straightway report the matter to police,” he said.The CP said, increasing number is also a good sign as it shows that people have faith in police and are coming forward to report.

Dr Upadhyay reiterated that women’s safety was the priority for city police. Awareness plays an important tool in reducing sexual offences against women and also exposing hidden offenders, he felt.
“Basically, awareness plays an important role in such cases. Only 2% to 3% cases are genuine in which the offender is either a stranger or a street person. In most of the cases, the offender is from family or a friend. So, if we make the girls aware about such cases, they will be more alert.”

Dr Upadhyay said he would again improve the working style of Bharosa Cell and Damini Pathak.
The CP has already increased foot patrolling in the city. He will soon form a special group consisting a PSI and women constables for foot patrolling. The group will be visiting school, colleges and a nearby localities where they will make aware young, teenage and minor girls about such incidents and how to oppose it.

Giving some suggestions to women, Dr Upadhyay said, “Every women should keep a watch around her. It may be your neighbour, your relative or a friend or anybody falling prey to rape or molestation. Parents, too, should take care of their children.”

Crime against women

Year                 2016      2017          Till date

Molestations        236      230            245
Rape                  94         92             105