Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2018 11:29:16

THE most crucial highlight of urban Naxalism or Maoism is the intellectual mask the operatives wear. They are well educated people -- men and women -- who occupy important positions in academia and artistic and literary circles. They are authors of repute. And as they conduct their professional tasks with considerable merit, they work on a hidden agenda to herd young minds away from nationalistic ideas and ideals. In the past few decades, these Maoist intellectuals have invaded the country’s collective consciousness in ways that an ordinary person cannot fathom. 

But what is happening now by way of a resolute Government action is that the entire Maoist activity in the name of stark intellectualism, is being unmasked. Not only are the security forces are defeating the armed Left Wing Extremism (LWE) but they also are exposing the unholy ideas the intellectual fronts of the Naxals or the Maoists. Some of the exposures are absolutely in the category of ‘dangerous’, indicating plans to overthrow the Government even through armed activity.

However, until the Government’s strike back did not start, the Naxal intellectuals had infiltrated into educational activity to feed to young minds in schools and colleges through text books and other parallel reading materials wrong interpretations of history, wrong information on important issues that confront the nation, and even certain undesirable propaganda aimed at demeaning the country and its genuine interests. Another soft target these intellectuals aim at is the deprived sections of the mostly urban society in which slums abound, thanks to wrong brand of urbanisation the country has adopted. Investigators have found that in their attempt to make a sly entry into the impressionable and unsuspecting minds, the Leftist intellectuals also join hands with some religious groups even though they declare themselves as sworn seculars.

Fortunately, all these activities are now getting exposed to increasing extents and the common people are beginning to realise how negative forces are operating in the name of Naxalism and its sympathisers. This should have happened a long ago, as this model of operations has been in use for decades. Yet, as the Government forces and investigators are hard at work, Naxalism or Maoism is finding it difficult to keep aloft. This is a good thing happening now.

One of the strong points that has helped Naxalite intellectualism is the wrong brand of secular some sections of the Indian polity have adopted. Its promoters have taken the effort to a cantankerous and highly intolerant pitch that openly opposes anything that has even a hint of religion or ancient Indian tradition. The brand of secularism adopted by these Naxalite intellectuals is very selective and anything that is indicated by the word ‘Hindu’ is on their target. Not only are they ruthless about their hate campaigns, but also are deliberately spreading canard and falsehood -- about India and its rich and ancient tradition.
Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the Government as well as some alert sections of the larger society, all the activities of the Naxalite intellectuals are getting exposed increasingly. The common people now understand what kind of game of deceit the Naxalites had unleashed -- helped by some political parties, now in Opposition. This is a welcome turning point in modern times.