Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Sep 2018 10:21:29











WITH the inauguration of Sikkim’s first airport by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Monday, a major bottleneck in the region’s connectivity with the rest of the country has been removed. The Prime Minister lamented the slow pace of development in the region and has committed his Government to turn the region into the growth engine of the country. It is unfortunate that Sikkim had to wait for such a crucial facility for over 40-long years when it joined the Indian union. Successive governments at the Centre have grossly neglected this region as far as development of communication facilities and other related infrastructure was concerned. As a result the entire region and some of the border regions in the North have remained nearly detached from the mainland due to lack of communication network. This not only affected civilian intermingling but also hampered security preparedness. In the last four years, however, things have begun to look up. The Central Government is according due importance to infrastructure projects.




TENNIS superstar Serena Williams now thinks of moving on from her meltodown during her US Open finals which clouded the actual outcome of the match. Of course, scars of that meltdown and her bitter argument with the referee will never heal fully. But in the past as well, Serena has endured such storms and has moved on. Now also, she plans to do the same thing. No matter all this, it is obvious that the episode at the US Open Women’s Singles Finals did raise some gender issues which many tennis celebrities took seriously and supported Serena Williams. Even when Serena has moved on, the issue will keep crying for attention. Thus, in a way, Serena has done good service to the cause of gender equality in sports. For, when Serena Williams, with as many as 23 Grand Slam titles in her kitty, says something, the world takes note, howsoever grudgingly. Her allegation that a lot of things happen only because she is a woman, needs to be examined. The statement may not be entirely correct. Yet, it needs to be examined in all seriousness.