City ponds left littered after ‘Ganesh Visarjan’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Sep 2018 11:22:05


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BMC administration has started the cleaning work of the 13 ponds marked for ‘Visarjan’

The Ganesh Puja festivities concluded on Sunday with the idol immersion ceremony that continued on Monday also. The immersion of idols were held unhindered in almost all the city ponds in the city, even after 13 spots were marked by BMC. Although the administration succeeded in preventing water bodies in the district from being polluted, massive amounts of puja related material were left behind by devotees on the ponds. The guidelines formulated by the Central and State pollution control boards (CPCB and SPCBs) went largely unheeded in spite of some efforts by municipal bodies and police to curtail the practice. Anyhow the BMC administration on Wednesday has started the cleaning work of the 13 ponds marked for the ‘Visarjan’. But the question remains what about the other water bodies in the city.

“There has been a clear laxity on the part of the administration as they were not able to include all stakeholders in their efforts. It has also become a habit among residents to pollute water bodies. We cannot expect directions from authorities and courts each time to curb the habit of polluting water bodies,” said DN Sharma, an environment activist.

Traditionally, the idols were made of mud and painted with natural colours. But now even after ban many are made using plaster of Paris (PoP) and coated with harmful paints containing heavy metals, all of which end up in the water bodies on the concluding day.

“Particularly red, blue, orange and green colours contain mercury, zinc oxide, chromium and lead, the potential causes of cancer and they are also hazardous for plants, fishes and other living beings existing inside water bodies. Such pollution damages the ecosystem because it kills fishes, damages plants and blocks the natural flow of the water, causing stagnation. It damages health of human beings also by polluting drinking water sources, causing breathing problems, blood and skin diseases,” said a Chemical Engineer, Pradeep Pandey.