Sushant Singh in city for ‘Savdhaan India’ shoot

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Sep 2018 11:18:32


By Abhishek Kumar,


“In today’s fast moving and materialistic times, it is next to impossible to dream of a ‘criminal-free’ society. However, the pre-emptive measures can be ensured in places to bring down the crime graph and minimise the fatalities and collateral damages,” said the maverick and bold actor Sushant Singh.

The actor, now in his 40’s, has been in the State Capital Raipur for past five days for a pre-fixed shoot of famous show – Savdhaan India, aired by Star Bharat.

Talking to The Hitavada here on Wednesday, Sushant Singh asserted that human civilization and crime have been going ‘hand-in-hand’ since ages and it cannot be disassociated by whatsoever means and measures. “Since the present society values people for ‘what they have’ instead of those people who follow in ‘what they give away’, there will be no let-up in crimes. Everyone is racing with time to get rich overnight and so they commit crime under this frenzy dream,” he explained.
Having shot to fame for his stupendous villainous role in super-hit Bollywood movie ‘Sehar’ based on notorious mafias and gangsters of Uttar Pradesh, the actor was delighted to share that the reporting of crimes against women and children to police have witnessed surges in comparison to the past. “It is a healthy sign that people are coming to fore to put up a fight against crime,” he said.The episodes of crime show Savdhaan India are being shot in Raipur city. The host of the show and veteran actor Sushant Singh also conducted shootings for the show till five days in the city. Sushant Singh, who reached Raipur city on September 21, will leave the city on Thursday.