Tiger scare grips villages in Damoh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Sep 2018 11:54:12


Staff Reporter,

VILLAGERS of Sarra, Jhalon, Bhuri, Jerath, Narsinghgarh and Hindoria under Damoh district are reeling under fear after a tiger strayed into the area about three days back. The tiger strayed into Nauradehi forest area from Panna National Park passing through Tejgarh, Bhuri, Balakot, Patharia, Jerath, Nayagaon Mudariya area. Farmers of the area are unable to collect their crops from farm and they are even not leaving cattle in open. However, rescue team from Panna National Park has been deployed to monitor the situation.

Villagers are staying indoors due to tiger scare. There was news that the tiger had attacked a cow after which the villagers are even more sacred. Local forest officers said they have no other option except monitoring the situation as tiger cannot be rescued until it appears before the team.
Forest Ranger P L Ahirwar said the tiger will be attacking in case of any disturbance or crowd of people but he will not prey upon any animal for next two to three days.

The tiger wandered from Panna National Park and there is no radio collar so the team is facing problem in tracking the wild cat. According to locals, last time they witnessed the tiger at Chirai Pani under Bagh Kila beat Tidoni. There is a possibility that the tiger will return to Panna or Katni jungles.