Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Sep 2018 12:54:41
















PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has lamented that vote-bank politics has destroyed the society like a termite. The Prime Minister has rightly spoken of the ugly reality that dominates Indian politics. But it is time for every party to introspect how much it too has contributed to this ugly situation. Every party indulges in calculating its numbers for electoral profit and no one party can say for certain that it has not resorted to this kind of game. No party has cared for the consequences of such myopic approach to electoral politics. The Prime Minister is right in saying that vote-bank politics has destroyed the society. For this the blame should be apportioned upon the kind of politics that is practised in India. The society is divided into groups of castes, religions, communities. Candidates are selected on the basis of the numerical strength of a community, caste or religion in a particular region or constituency. This is done by every party without exception. Hence the sin of dividing the society lies at the doors of the political community. The political community needs to introspect on this.



THE management of the famous Druk Padma Carpo School in Leh (Ladakh) is finally tired of its famous ‘Rancho Wall’ that it built in the school after the movie “3 Idiots” by Aamir Khan used it for an interesting episode. The wall became a tourist attraction, and the students started getting distracted from their studies with steady flow of tourists to the school and the litter they leave behind in the premises. So, finally, the management has decided to pull down the wall once and for all. In fact, the wall could be preserved but the tourist flow could be restricted only to after-hours or on weekends. But obviously, the school management does not seem to find any option feasible. The decision, however, reflects a sad dimension of the Indian society in which members treat any such experiment as the ‘Rancho Wall’ as something unique and then flock to see it themselves. In fact, the school could be left with the spot without any interference. But the management, too, fell prey to the temptation of publicity only to learn later that its enthusiasm was misplaced.