‘Demolishing flyover in front of railway station can ease traffic’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Sep 2018 10:29:30


Staff Reporter,

VNIT has a plan to streamline traffic after demolition of the ‘design disaster’

Demolishing the flyover in front of Nagpur Railway Station can not only ease the traffic but also minimise the chaos at both the junctions-- Jaistambh Square and Manas Square. People are suffering for last over 10 years due to the ‘design disaster’. It is good that the civic authorities have come out of deep slumber and decided to demolish the flyover which was built during the tenure of then Municipal Commissioner Manukumar Shrivastava, spending crores of rupees.


     (left 1) This bus stand near main railway station is no more under the Madhya Pradesh Road Transport Corporation authority. This place is being used illegally by private bus operators. 
 (right  1)   The flyover descends at Manas Chowk just in front of statue of Sant Tulsidas shows a faulty
planning by the then civic administration. Here the traffic comes from all directions and moves in a very haphazardly manner.
 (left 2) The heavy traffic on the road beside the flyover in front of the main railway station is supported by crowd at the small eating joints under it is a common sight. Thin vehicular traffic is visible on the flyover, while traffic on the road beside it moves in a wishy washy way.
 (right  2)  Vehicles coming from the flyover are vulnerable to collide with each other as some come from the flyover, take U-turn, while those coming from Ram Jhula either go towards the flyover or Kasturchand Park or the main railway station making the situation chaotic.



It is called flyover but it was not supposed to fly over anything. Any flyover is constructed with a purpose of crossing some hurdle. For example, there should be a railway crossing, a lake, river etc over which the bridge is constructed. The flyover that is situated right in front of the main railway station has no hurdle to cross.

‘The Hitavada’ Editor Vijay Phanshikar, two years ago, had written an article bringing the loopholes in the flyover to the fore. ‘The Hitavada’ has been consistently writing about it even before the construction of the bridge hammering that how it would prove to be disastrous. When Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) decided to gave a thought to find out a solution, it approached Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) to know effects of demolition of the flyover. VNIT clearly said that the bridge was a ‘design disaster’ and a shocking act.

VNIT pointed out three things - 1. Congestion at Jaistabh Square. 2. Threat to pedestrians at the square. 3. Whether the flyover has any worthiness to traffic.

Conflict Zone
The flyover has created a conflict zone at Jaistambh Chowk. No thought was given while descending the Ram Jhula towards Jaistambh Chowk as it has added to the traffic chaos.
According to VNIT, the Ram Jhula should have been descended at Punjab National Bank or at Kasturchand Park. The same suggestion was given by Tejinder Singh Renu also. As all roads meeting at one point, vehicular traffic slows down at the junction creating a conflict zone.

No scope for pedestrians
The civic authorities then during Shrivastava’s regime probably did not consult the institutions like VNIT. Had they done it, the problem may not have arisen. At the conflict zone near Jaistambh Chowk there is hardly any scope for pedestrians. Daily, average 2,000 pedestrians commute through the zone. Towards railway station, the movement of pedestrians is more but this major factor remains ignored.

After demolition of the flyover....

Maximum commuters take the flyover either to go towards railway station or Tekdi Ganesh Mandir. They have to take a U-turn to go to these two destinations. The demolition of the flyover will end this U-turning. Such commuters can go to railway station or the temple directly. The demolition of the flyover will also reduce traffic coming to Jaistambh Chowk and there will be no chaos.

‘So-called’ MP bus stand should be vacated

The bus stand near the railway station in front of Tekdi Ganesh Mandir, earlier meant for the buses to be run by Madhya Pradesh Road Transport, is being used by private bus operators. Shockingly, cash-strapped Nagpur Municipal Corporation is still charging Rs 2 only for the land. NMC needs to come out with a plan to vacate the spot. The entire 3 acre land can be used for parking for those coming to railway station. The spot can be attached to railway station and e-rickshaws should be used for those going to railway station. The e-rickshaws can take the passengers from the parking lot directly to railway platforms. The issue of shop-owners also needs to be addressed. The shops can be shifted at the place of ‘so-called’ MP bus stand.