Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Sep 2018 12:48:48











POINTING to the disastrous consequences of recent unprecedented rains and floods in the Indian State of Kerala, President of the United Nations General Assembly Ms. Maria Fernanda Espinosa has fervently appealed to governments all over the world to follow the agreements on slowing down global warming. Her appeal is significant in the light of natural disasters that have been witnessed in recent times in several parts of the world, leaving behind death and destruction on a massive scale. Scientists are attributing these colossal natural disasters to damage that the humankind has thoughtlessly inflicted on nature. The Kerala calamity is considered to be the result of the damage that is being caused to the fragile Western Ghats ecology in the name of development. Ms. Espinosa’s reference to consumption policies and habits of the humans as one of the major contributing factors for the destruction of planet Earth is a warning to the human race. It has to change its habits or be prepared to face the disastrous consequences as was witnessed in Kerala.




SPIRITUAL leader Shri Jaggi Vasudev ‘Sadhguru’ has done well to insist that young students in India should get involved in debates on current and larger issues but not get afflicted by taking sides. To some, this may appear as an exercise in contradiction. But talking at the controversial Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, Shri Sadhguru said that because of the wrong practice of young people taking sides without giving democratic freedom to others to express themselves, the Indian society is now an ideologically divided place. This can be avoided if the young people get involved in healthy debate to enhance the quality of thinking, but not take sides so that they look at various covert and overt currents of thought without bias. This is an important observation by the spiritual leader who has established his reputation as a plain talker but a deep thinker. If youngsters acquire the habit of healthy and non-partisan debates, much can be achieved by way of a balanced society. That would be an ideal foundation for democracy.