Heaps of garbage, contaminated water, encroachment troubling Mominpura

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Sep 2018 09:17:51


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The old areas of Orange city are facing peculiar problems of narrow lanes, unhygienic condition, contaminated water, filth, heap of garbage, and limited sanitation workers deployed by civic body to maintain cleanliness. The residents of Mominpura, Dobi Nagar, Golibar square, Timki, Takiya and Boriyapura areas of Prabhag 8 are facing same problems for last several years due to apathy of civic authorities. The citizens of these areas have accused civic administration of dishing out step motherly treatment.

Prabhag 8 is thickly populated and is a dense locality of Central Nagpur. Presently, Congress corporators - Julfikar Ahmed Bhutto, Asha Nehru Uikey, Sayyeda Begum Nizamuddin Ansari, and Jeeshan Mumtaj Moh Irfan are leading this prabhag. All the corporators belong to Congress party. The total population of this prabhag is around one lakh. Julfikar Ahmed Bhutto and Sayyeda Begum Ansari are senior corporators of the prabhag while other two corporators are first timers.

The prabhag has narrow lanes and it is next to impossible to navigate through these roads using four wheelers. The encroachments have mushroomed all over the prabhag reducing the wide roads into narrow lanes. The authorities tried to remove road side encroachments but they resurface within no time. The entire prabhag is a notified slum but the previous small huts have been replaced by multi-storeyed buildings. The prominent roads and even inner lanes have commercial shops and establishments.

The heap of garbage and foul smell emanating from it is visible all over the prabhag. Wherever, there is an open space or corner, the citizens use it to throw garbage without realising that this may eventually emerge as a major health hazard. The leftover food can also be seen at several places showcasing apathy of the local residents. The cooked food is also sold in the open often amidst unhygienic conditions.

Bhankheda Marathi Primary School is now abandoned but local residents use this closed school for defecation. It is very difficult to stay even for a minute near the school but nearby residents are unfazed despite such a filth. This school is shifted at Dadra pul locality and dilapidated building is a potential hazard for the area.

NMC has deployed around 110 sanitation workers for the cleaning of the area still heap of garbage is looking everywhere. This has created health related problem as several people affected from diseases like malaria and dengue. The stray cattle are roaming freely all over the roads creating nuisance for the vehicular traffic.

Julfikar Ahmed Bhutto, senior corporator and Standing Committee member said, unhygienic condition is the main problem of the ward. The civic body employees clean the ward upto 2 pm but the garbage is not lifted from the bins regularly. He regularly visit the prabhag, meet people and is available round the clock to residents of ward. Bhutto said, contaminated water is also a major issue of prabhag. The water pipelines of the areas are rusted and it is necessary to change them immediately. The sewage system of the prabhag is very old and it also necessary to replace it with new one. The roads are not in good condition even cement roads are loosing the metal, he added.

Sayyeda Begum Nizamuddin Ansari, senior corporator blamed civic body for not cleaning Dobi Nagar nullah, Kalkata nullah, Boriyapura nullah, and Baltiwala nullah, Malanwala Haar nullah regularly. The Dengue cases are increasing and it is responsibility of the Health Department to maintain hygiene in prabhag, she added.

Asha Nehru Uikey, corporator is also worried due to sudden rise in Dengue cases in the prabhag. Her grand daughter was tested dengue positive and now, her son-in-law also fell ill. She is taking all the pains to maintain cleanliness in the prabhag. She urged citizens to help in maintaining the cleanliness to avoid such diseases.

Jeeshan Mumtaz Mohd. Irfan, corporator also claim that he regularly takes round in the prabhag to keep a tab on cleanliness. She said, the citizens should cooperate for maintaining the hygiene in area. The sanitation workers work till 2 pm, and residents should handover garbage to them instead of throwing it into the open, she added.
Still it is necessary for local residents, corporators and civic body to join hands to maintain cleanliness in the prabhag.