Massive response to ‘Bharat Bandh’ 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Sep 2018 15:09:44


Business Reporter,


BUSINESS worth Rs 2,500 crore was affected across the State during the daylong nationwide ‘Bharat Bandh’ called by Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Friday. The bandh virtually crippled the normal activities of all sectors in the capital city resulting in shortfall of approximately Rs 1,100 crore trading during the day. Entire business establishments, big or small and surprisingly even roadside vendors were also out of business and in outright support for roll back of decision on Walmart-Flipkart Deal and FDI in multi brand retail. 

Apart from the unconditional support extended by Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CCCI), the biggest trade body of the state, local unit of All India Chemist and Druggist Association (AICDA) also joined the ‘Bharat Bandh’. Facing the increasing influence of online retail of medicines, an AICDA member Rajkumar Rathi said that online medicine sellers are least concerned with whom they are selling the required medicine. They are given free hand to sell medicines to anybody across the country. However, the local retailers have to maintain multiple official formalities and records,and sell strictly based on doctor’s prescription. Thus medicine sellers apprised the Government time-to-time on ill-effect of direct online selling and the losses suffered by retailers, Rathi added.

Talking to this scribe, National Vice-President of CAIT Amar Parwani said that ‘Bharat Bandh’ is observed in a unified platform which has nothing to do with any political affiliation or intention. The bandh call is solely for solution to the problems being faced by trading community as well as survival of traders and their employees. He said that 24 lakh families belonging to different sections of workforce are employed by traders, which also has 6 lakh families of the businessmen across the state. The future of these 30 lakh families is bleak and needs immediate attention before the total influence of online trading companies. And to make the situation worst, apart from permission for merger of offline and online company Walmart-Flipkart, two more companies are in the pipeline for similar merger, Parwani added.


‘Offline and online company merger, future source of NPA’

National Vice-President of CAIT Amar Parwani said that the offline and online Walmart-Flipkart deal has already created uproar among the retail traders across the country forcing them to call for a nationwide ‘Bharat Bandh’. Apart from this deal, two more giant offline and online deals of Alibaba-Reliance and Amazon-More by Aditya Birla Group are already in the pipeline. Worldwide such mergers have witnessed 90 per cent influence of offline-online companies perishing the small business as an aftermath. With major festive season beginning, traders are in fear of losing chunk of their business to the online sellers. So, ahead of losing 90 per cent business to these mergers, retail traders of the country want the Government to take up the issue on priority for survival of traders and their workforce. Till now big companies were in the list of NPAs, but small traders will also enter the NPA list, if online retail is not checked, Parwani added.

Traders earn 3 to 4%, Govt takes 18% of GST: Parwani

Ahead of the festive season, traders from all sectors manage to store huge stock to cater to demands during the peak sales. Out of the total sales, businessmen earn an average profit of 3 to 4 per cent while the Government gets 18 per cent in the form of GST. Because Government receives good amount in its exchequer from the business done by traders, Government should be lenient for additional product display by shopkeepers during festivity. The increase in sale will benefit both traders and the government, said Amar Parwani.