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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Sep 2018 12:39:54



Sui Dhaaga

By Aasawari Shenolikar,

“Jab tumhare paas hunar hai, toh apna kaam kyon nahi shuru karte,”- is the anguished cry of a wife who is the silent and strong pillar behind a husband who is desperately trying to make ends meet. He works in a shop selling sewing machines. This Man Friday is ill-treated time and again by the owners, something that his wife is unable to digest, who is deeply pained to see her husband made a laughing stock. At the behest of his wife, the man realises that his professional growth will only be possible when he stands on his own feet.

Propagating the ‘Made in India’ premise, Sui Dhaaga, written and directed by Sharat Kataria strongly applauds the present government’s attempt at encouraging the denizens to ‘Make in India.’  This tale of a husband wife duo, overcoming many challenges, warms the cockles of one’s heart - you smile, you shed a tear - in short you silently cheer for the couple and their efforts in trying to realise their dream of trying to carve a niche in this dog-eat-dog world.

Set in Chanderi, Sui Dhaaga revolves around the life of Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and his family comprising of his silent wife Mamta (Anuksha Sharma), his father (Raghuveer Yadav) and mother. The family struggles to make ends meet, complication arise when Mauji, after an altercation walks out of his job, the father retires and the mother suffers a heart attack. Mamta, the resolute daughter-in-law, who has an inner core of steel, without being overbearing takes control, helps steer her husband and lends a hand in his time of need. She helps Mauji, who is a wonder at stitching, in setting up his own business of tailoring. Needless to say, Sui Dhaga ends on a positive note, celebrating the never-say-die attitude of a struggler.
Sui Dhaga is about the dreams of people and how one, to be successful, needs to step outside the comfort zone and take risks so that their dreams can take shape. .

Sui Dhaga is about the subtle yet strong bond between a husband and wife, their belief in each other and their conviction that if one doesn’t try, one cannot realise one’s own potential. The director, with the help of his talented lead cast, has brought to life the beautiful relationship and the delicate chemistry between Mauji and Mamta. The duo, bogged down by routine affairs, do not get even a couple of minutes to talk to each other. But as time passes, circumstances bring them closer - with each standing up for the other. That they have genuinely started caring for each other can be gauged by the meaningful glances that they throw at each other, by how the silent yet strong Mamta speaks up for her husband and the open appreciation by Mauji of his better half. The warm affection blossoming between the duo is a sight to behold. Both Varun and Anushka breathe life into their characters and Anushka, especially is a revelation. Both steal the viewers heart with the authenticity that they bring to their role. Sui Dhaga celebrates the spirit of ‘out- of-the-box’ thinking and using it to one’s advantage.

Without being preachy, Sui Dhaga drives home the point of ‘no pain no gain’ ingeniously. And there is nary a dull moment in the film. Many situations are peppered with comic moments, bringing on a smile, diffusing the tension and providing relief. So even as the mother is on the ground, panting as she has had a seizure, she doesn’t let go of the utensil in her hand, instructing her daughter-in-law ‘do balti paani bhar lena.’

Sui Dhaga is also about one’s self-respect, self-reliance and pride and how important it is take on challenges if one has to survive and pass the test called ‘life.’  Even though it is predictable, a bit clichéd, it is nonetheless engaging, it is endearing, it is heartwarming and it wouldn’t have been on the ‘must watch’ list this weekend, if it wasn’t for the honest efforts of all the cast who have brought to life this story set in a small town that advocates ‘let’s make it in India’.

The Hitavada Rating: O O O