Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Sep 2018 12:25:27


By Dr Manoj Kutteri

Muscle soreness is one of the main reasons why many people are skipping their exercises. It is important for us to know the tips on how to end an exercise without going through this unpleasant condition.


It is usual that we contract the muscles during the training, so the muscle fibers get shorter. This happens more when the muscles are used for repeated contractions. A good stretching of those activated muscles post workout will help you to lengthen the muscles promoting mobility and will speed up the recovery process. Stretching also helps to reduce the muscle fatigue; muscles get improved circulation and maintain the warmth.

 Foam roller

There are different self-myofascial release (SMR) tools available. The recommended and the popular tool is the Foam roller. It helps you to massage the sore muscles post workout which will reduce the DOMS. You can roll the major muscle groups for timing say 30 seconds or 5-8 reps. Spend more time on the sore spots for quicker recovery and it can be used on the rest days as well. Foam rolling reduces the soreness and tightness in the muscles by improving the blood flow and by increasing the flexibility.  

Recovery workouts

Do recovery focused workouts such as low to moderate intensity aerobic exercise like jogging or cycling, yoga, pilates which will help you to reduce the soreness keeping the DOMS at bay. These exercises are also useful if done before the work out too. Ensure that hydration also happens gradually during these practices. These low to moderate intensity exercises are good to gradually bring you back to the resting heart rate zone.


Performing active recovery in a pool helps to reduce muscle soreness. It is even better if it is done in a temperature controlled salt water pool. Salt is a great muscle relaxant and maintaining the outside temperature at an optimum level helps to ensure there is free flow of circulation to the muscles.

(The author is the wellness Director at Atmantan)