Metro Rail’s gift to citizens: Risk on bad roads

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Sep 2018 11:46:52

 Driving through such bad roads is a daily challenge for the citizens of Orange City.

(Pic by Anil Futane)

Special Correspondent,

Metro Rail might be a wonderful gift for Nagpurians but while dream gets shaped-up Nagpurians are big loosers owing to daily rides on bad city roads. Citizens are paying quite a hefty price in the process of construction of Metro and the work has inflicted severe damages to road stretch on Hingna-Sitabuldi stretch.

People might not be knowing the damage to their health, due to ruptures on lower back, jolts to neck and other body parts, courtesy the huge potholes, the Metro work goes on imperiously with least concern to citizen’s health. Due to negligence of Maha Metro officials towards the bad condition of city roads, the people are paying a heavy price as they are daily forced to ride on roads that are in bad shape. The officials have turned a blind eye to sight of citizens difficulty who are made to ride on roads that have become dangerous.

Either side of the roads is not in motorable conditions and everyday people are getting injured due to lack of repairs. But still there is no police complaint against the Maha Metro, who too are not much bothered about citizens plight. Metro officials are not bothered with smooth flow of traffic and hence upkeep of roads are not their headache. Yet, people of Orange City are waiting till officials take pity on their plight and repair the roads.

Maha Metro is working on metro rail connectivity from Hingna to Munje Square. This is part of Reach-III of Nagpur Metro that could be opened for commercial traffic in the month of December 2018. However going by status of stations and other allied work, the opening date could get delayed by about three months.

The construction activity of Maha Metro at Ambazari T-point, near Vivekanand Memorial, near Old Octroi post and other places on this road has become a nightmare as daily traffic jams occurs or small mishaps take place. Already much of road space is used for ongoing work and balance portion of roads has almost disappeared under brutal weights of heavy vehicles rolling on and off continuously ferrying various parts for Metro project.

The city roads were not designed to sustain this much weight and too on 24x7 basis and hence there is loosened up metal, potholes, cuts on every stretch. Not only they are reason for numerous accidents but it has also increased pollution due to resultant dust that is generated in huge quantity. Even after a mishap on North Ambazari Road where lives of three teenage girls were cut short in brutal manner, the entire road has gone from bad to worse.

This shows the concern of Metro officials towards safety of Nagpurians who daily have to traverse through these patches clutching on to their lives and keep praying to God.
The local residents has time and again opposed the laxity of the Metro officers, still they did not learn any lesson from increasing number of accidents. The callous approach of officials has put life of citizens in permanent peril. The potholes on this road are so deep that they cause fatal accidents everyday and civic authority need to wake-up and stop taking citizens’ safety for a ride.

While travelling through this road stretch one does not see enough marshal at traffic signals to assist the road users during the peak time. The old traffic signals of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are not in working condition due to damages to cable and Maha Metro has failed to install solar panel signals that could help in smooth flow of traffic. This is one of the most congested corridor and critical stretch of the city and it requires immediate attention of the authority. The construction of pillars and viaduct for Metro project is on this road. The laying of railway track and high tension line is still away. The construction work of metro stations has got delayed and their scheduled is behind by several months.