Railway Board steps in to ensure hassle-free treatment to staffers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Sep 2018 11:53:47



By Sagar Mohod,

Railway Board has reworked the mechanism governing treatment of railway employees and formulated a new policy to ensure seamless procedure at all levels. The dark area was during referral cases and that has now been plugged with clear cut instructions to field units with SoP on dealing with them. This would cut down the delay in granting of sanctions and ensure speedier treatment of the beneficiaries enrolled under Railway’s medical scheme.

The circular Debit and Credit notes are about referral care where maximum delay was taking place owing to absence of proforma regarding raising of cost of treatment of the patient. Especially if the employee is sent to other Zonal Hospital, now a note must be prepared from where the patient is being referred as to accepting the cost that would arise during treatment of patient. During the discussions with employee unions, this lacunae in railway hospitals’ administration would figure quite prominently and now been ironed out.

After studying the procedures and taking cognisance of the complaints, the grey area was identified and this is now taken care of and the process is simplified. Once the issue of raising debit as to treatment cost is settled, the patient care becomes an easy issue later on. The cost would be borne by home unit from where the patient is referred either to Railway Hospital or to empanelled hospitals.

The circular also went into specific taking into account that a particular treatment might be available in non-empanelled hospital and for it the Railways must fully bear the cost. Advance payment should be made to ensure that treatment of patient is not hampered and required sanctions from authorities concerned should be expedited. The responsibility of taking sanction is rested on hospital from where the patient is referred first.

Another scenario that is now cleared in the process is in case a patient comes for treatment without being referred from the unit (hospital) where he/she is registered. In that case, treatment should be provided either in-house, or if needed the patient (beneficiary railway employee) should be referred to empanelled hospital or non-empanelled hospital as required. The necessary checks as to medical I-card, pass/PTO etc. should be done at the place where the employee has reported for treatment. From that point onwards all the formalities are to be completed as point of referral without sending the file to patient's home unit.

Once these formalities are completed the referral hospital will provide information to home unit of the railway employee. Also, after the treatment is over, the debit will be raised from home unit of the patient. The new procedure was notified after discussion and approval from Member Staff, Financial Commissioner and Chairman Railway Board (CRB).