If you are NOT SCAREDyou are not growing

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2018 10:48:38




T here are very few limitations on what you can accomplish. Most of them are selfimposed. They are the result of fears and doubts that stop you from trying. You can overcome these self-limiting beliefs by taking action consistent with your major purpose.

The success and happiness you dream of, begins with this system of goalsetting and your deciding what you want and doing what it takes to accomplish it. Most of the great thinkers who have ever lived have stood in awe and have written about it calling it many different names like ‘The secret doctrine’ or ‘The over soul’.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “We lie in the lap of an immense intelligence that responds to our every need”. He compared this intelligence to an Ocean. When we receive insights from it, we recognise them as coming from far beyond ourselves and our own limited minds. Our minds are sensitive and mould ideas which we comprehend with lot of effort. Napoleon hill, the Author, referred to this as ‘Infinite intelligence’, calling it the universal storehouse of knowledge and the source of all imagination and creativity. He claimed that the ability to access this intelligence was a central part of great success enjoyed by hundreds of wealthy men and women he interviewed over the years. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst called it the Supra Conscious Mind. He said that it contained within it all the wisdom of the human race, past, present and future.

It has also been called the universal subconscious mind and many people refer to it as the Godmind or the creative subconscious. Whatever you call it, there is almost no limit to what you can accomplish when you tap it, use it, and let it use you on a regular basis. It would be very difficult to explain how your superconscious mind works, if one is not familiar with it. Throughout our lives we use it in a random manner many times. In fact, much of what we have accomplished can be attributed to our accidental use of this power.

It is a great achievement if the human mind is used in our day to day living. Without the mind, the human being is nothing. My teacher used to tell me: “Happiness is not built by spoiling someone else’s life. Running away from a problem is the easiest but not the best when you can’t change the other person, change the situation or change yourself. Millions go to bed starving emotionally. No human being can be genuinely happy unless he stands well in the esteem of fellow mortals. The gist of life is to capture happiness and retain it forever.

Why do we celebrate festivals? If you remember God every day, it is a festival. To promote Dharma one has to purity the heart, thoughts and love others. Cultivate compassion and forgiveness. When these practices take place, man becomes good. Remember that good people make a good society and a good nation to be proud of. There is the story of the old man and seven sons quarrelling with each other. He gave them a stick and asked them to break it. They broke it easily. Later he made a bundle of seven sticks by tying it together. Then he asked them to break it and they could not. So he said “Individually we are weak.

When united we are strong”. If you want to be noticed by others, be different and not stereotyped. Like Charlie Chaplain with a shuffle walk, baggy trousers, slim moustache and a walk which is difficult to imitate. Every one of us can release the imprisoned splendour; we can release the brakes, step on the gas. We can have a compass and a map and fix a target and reach it. Eugene Brice, a Priest once said: “I was never defeated in a Tennis tournament. I never lost while running for an office. I was never choked while singing on the stage.

All this happened because I never tried any of them. Only those who try face the risk of failure and through failure land in success!” There is the story of Sir Samuel Brown who was occupied in the construction of a Bridge. He was walking along the garden when he saw a spider’s web. The idea of a bridge with ropes and chains occurred to him. That was the invention of the Suspension Bridge. Similarly, Galelio at the age of 18 was watching an oil lamp swinging in the wind.

The idea of a Pendulum occurred to him. The idea of a pendulum which measures time occurred to him and that led to the discovery of a clock. He also thought of an instrument bringing distant objects nearer to the behholder. That led to the invention of a Telescope and opened-up the science of Astronomy!