Rao Bahadur D Laxminarayan, a visionary philanthropist

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2018 09:04:33


Staff Reporter,

Laxminarayan Day today

Vidarbha region must feel proud that it had produced gems like Rao Bahadur D Laxminaryan who selflessly donated his lifetime earnings to strengthen Nagpur University way back in 1930. During his lifetime, it must have occurred to him that the backwardness of the Province was in a large measure due to the lack of higher training and research in Technology. His work brought him into contact with problems which required the aid of Technologists for their solution, and in order that this want should not stand in the way of progress, he bequeathed the main part of his property, then estimated at Rs.35,20,540/- to the Nagpur University by his Will dated 3 May 1930, for the purpose of “Teaching of Applied Science and Chemistry”

Because of donations made by him, Nagpur University got prime land and substantial money to establish several departments.

Eight decades later, value of this property has increased manifold and is now worth thousands of crores. On the occasion of D Laxminarayan Day on Sunday (September 30), it is time to salute the great man who sacrificed his belongings “for promoting applied sciences and Chemistry and to make Nagpur University a world class place of learning.”

While saluting this great man, we are reproducing excerpts from the will prepared by D Laxminarayan bequeathing
his property in favour of

Nagpur University:

“I give and bequeath the residue of my whole estate, both moveable and immovable property, consisting of Cash, Government Securities, outstanding debts due to me, fixed deposits in banks and firms, houses in Kamptee, bungalows in both Nagpur and Secunderabad and a bungalow at Kanhan together with offices, outhouses, stables, garages, servants quarters, gardens together with an area of 11.94 acres of land and malik makbuza fields and absolute occupancy fields in Mouza Waregaon (from present day Law College to Ravi Nagar land which is now in possession of University) in the Tehsil and district of Nagpur to the Nagpur University earmarked for the teaching of applied Science and Chemistry to the Hindu students domiciled for not less than six years in the Central Provinces and Berar.

I direct that my executors shall keenly watch and see that the Nagpur University authorities shall faithfully and honestly apply and utilise the amount so bequeathed for the purpose specially mentioned by me to this para and it is spent for no other purposes. It is the holy and sacred duty both of my executors and the Nagpur University authorities to scrupulously carry out my desire specified in this paragraph.”