Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 15:39:52


By shreeprakash sharma,


Who does not want to succeed and get most-cherished dreams of his or her life realised that too, so immediately? Answer is so simple- almost all the people on the earth planet. Every person in this mundane world so earnestly desires to be successful and renowned. It is nothing but human and natural. But an important question arises here: What is the secret of success in human life? It is followed by yet another very important and pertinent question: How can success be ensured and guaranteed?

In fact success depends more on courage and conviction- the qualities that a man is inherently blessed with since his birth. Courage here does not mean only physical strength to accomplish a particular task. In wider perspective, it connotes exemplary strong mental strength and sharp insight to look beyond our potential. Now the social scientists too, along with others, have started believing that low aim is really a big crime which prevents us from soaring high in life.

Success and its proportion, in reality, depends directly on the immensity of goal that we set to realise in our life. Low goal means low success. No goal means no success. Big dreams mean big destination and designation. High aim means high name and fame. And what not ....But it is very much unfortunate that we all suffer from the fear of dreaming bigger and bigger. This is the reason that we fail and never rise above the crowds that surround us in this world. Hence, it is of utmost importance to always aim higher and higher in life.

Have you ever thought how did the scientists succeed reach out to the moon? How did the people succeed to scale the insurmountable height of Mount Everest? How did the Chinese go through building up the Great Wall of China- one of the modern marvels of the world? How did Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla make it to the space? What was common to all these exceptionally courageous and marvellously innovative personalities of the world? To answer these questions one need not become a rocket scientist. It is very simple it and it was visualisation. The answer is dreaming bigger and bigger. The answer is aiming higher and higher. The answer lies in their attitude of never understating themselves. This is also subtly called as the process of visualisation which brings us to the pinnacle of what we so earnestly long for in our lives.

So, what is visualisation? In fact, visualization is the process of seeing your dreams take shape through your mental eyes. It is all about imagining what you really hanker after. And, most importantly, it is all about living the simulated model of life which we choose to become.
Hence if you want to shine like a star in your life, what is important and relevant is to see a dream that is surprisingly bigger than what the rest of the people of the world so delicately nourish in their hearts. They say that altitude of accomplishments of your life is determined by the attitude of your life towards myriad of the phenomena that keep on occurring in our surroundings.

So what is attitude? Attitude is the insight that you have of a particular event which naturally occurs in your life. Attitude is also the way to evaluate yourself. Always remember that you are most important person that Almighty God has ever created on this earth. We are ourselves responsible for circumscribing the boundaries of our wish list Undoubtedly, doubting your potential, underestimating your capacity and calibre and, more importantly, surrendering yourself to the defeats, are nothing but all about the sure shot formulae of what we may call failures in life. Overcome self-doubts and a new dawn of success would just be waiting for you.

(The author is Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mamit, Mizoram and can be reached at [email protected]) n