Civil engineers and society

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 11:33:41


ENGINEERING is not only science but it is an art. It is the way in which people can think in more innovative ways and come out with best possible outcome.
So many people want to take up engineering because of their exploring nature but also one of the biggest truths is that people take up engineering just because of a) Their parents’ will b) Their siblings are in engineering fields and are doing good.

The question is why did I choose civil engineering? I’m a type of person who is looking for an easy way to earn a million dollars. But usually people don’t mean “$1,000,00 in one’s lifetime” when they say make a million dollars. They mean having a million in the bank. If you want a million in the bank by the time you die, the surest way is to have a million dollar dream, and the important thing is to have positive thinking. I found civil engineering as the best option which can help me in pursuing such kind of dream.

It is rightly said that civil engineering is one of the oldest branches and the mother of other branches. Civil engineering is all about the creativity and imagination one can have. It is all about what you really see in real. Right from providing safe and potable water to constructing the tallest building, it is the duty of a civil engineer.

Moreover, civil engineering is the only field in which you can easily start your own construction firm, consultancy firm within a short period. Here you have to deal with real life people. Also there are highest number of vacancies for civil engineering graduates in government sector. And when you are working on a real life project like that of working on a Metro project, or let it be designing a hydroelectric power plant for three adjoining nations, the happiness you get after proper execution is really incomparable. Real estate sector is one of largest contributors to GDP of any country and what better than helping in nation-building.

Civil engineers have the potential to work even in unfavorable conditions. Here you have to even lead a team of may be more than 100 people at a stage.
Civil engineers can also enter into Software industry. Design software in construction industry is in much demand these days. The upcoming infrastructure projects like Smart City project, Bullet Train etc will require civil engineers in large numbers and hence there would be a great demand for civil engineers in near future. Apart from this, growth in this field is really good as compared to others.

Advantages of being a civil engineer are you are associated with tangible things, large buildings, group housing flyovers, dams, that citizens of the country use and you feel proud of that. Civil engineers get to interact with labourers and also the most influential persons connected with project. Hence you are exposed to the world. Civil engineers are connected with society and therefore are very social. Another advantage is you can also get into Government sector after clearing IES. There are good departments like Railways, CPWD and many other. Many PSU like BARC, IOCL, BPCL, NTPC, NHPC hire civil engineers.

Happy Civil Engineering :-)
#Note- I'm not defaming any other branch. Afterall we all are engineers first. And yes all branches have their own significance, their own importance, their own
advantages... I am a student of civil
engineer branch hence I wrote about it.




Gaurav Pradeep Patil
Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Research