Krishna Janmashtami celebrated with fervour in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 10:55:38



Staff Reporter

Shri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with full festivity and religious fervour as per tradition. Worship, special events like recitation of verses of Geeta, worship of Lord Krishna commenced right from morning hours. In different temple devotional, religious offerings and celebrations organised right from morning hours and that would be continued till morning on Tuesday. At religious centres of the city specially at Krishna Radha Temples, Shiv Temples, Shree Ram Temples and other places the organisation of religious events as per tradition rituals were offered by the Krishna Devotees.

As per tradition a grand procession of Shree Krishna Janmashtami festival to mark birth of Lord Krishna was taken out in city. In the procession live tableaux of Lord Krishna and his related stories were main attraction. The grand procession commenced from Shree Krishna Mandir, Gorakhpur under the banner of Yadva Mahasabha, Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha along with tableaux, replicas of Gods and Goddess and tableaux related to Krishna Radha, Kans Vadh and depicting various other stories of Lord Krishna were taken out.

The procession commenced from Gorakhpur Temple and joined the main procession of Shree Krishna Janmashtami that commenced from Nagar Nigam Square and passing through main streets of the city reached Milonigunj ground. On the route of procession at different points religious, social, business organisations, political groups and local organisations have welcomed the procession. The procession was led by Shree Sanatandharam Mahasabha Shayamdevacharya Ji Maharaj, Shri Narsinghdas Ji Maharaj, Shree Paglanand Ji Maharaj along with eminent office bearers of the Dharmasabha.

On Monday, at 12 am in all the temples devotees amidst devotional fervour and zeal celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna performing customs and rituals with raising slogans and devotional songs of Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki.. and observed the Prakatya of Bhagwan Shree Krishna. With the birth as per tradition the idols of Child Lord Krishna called Bhagwan Ladoo Gopal were given holy-bath in Panchamrita.

In the ancient Pachmatha mandir situated in Garha a grand fair was organised on this occasion. While in Narsingh Temple situated at Shastri Bridge, Gorakhpur Shree Krishna Temple, Geeta Mandir at Bai Ka Bagicha, Ghamapur, Shree Ram Mandir at GCF Estate, Ram Mandir, Adarshnagar, ISCKON Temple, Bhedaghat, Shree Gopal lal Ji Temple, Hanumantaal and in different temples of the city special religious offerings were conducted.

The procession was welcomed by offering worship of Lord Krishna by Jabalpur East Assembly Congress leader, Gajendra Sonkar by welcoming Saints, Religious Heads, representatives of different organisations, Temples and Samities participating in the procession.

Eminent those who were present includes Rajkumar Sonkar, Corporator, Dharmendra Sonkar, Premnarayan Shastri and others. Similarly members of Kushwaha Samaj Ekta Manch led by Pramod Patel, Santosh Kumar, Sushma Patel, Chetali Patel, Varsha Sahu, Pushpraj Patel, Pradeep Pathak and others were present. Members of City Congress Committee, Madhya Pradesh Junior Congress Organisation, State President, Manoj Namdeo, Corporator, Abishek Yadav, Ravi Bhalla, Subhash Yadav, Vivek Yadav and others welcomed the procession at Ghamanadi Chowk, Bada Phuhara.