Murthy Farms introduces glass bottles for milk supply

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 09:56:05



Business Bureau

MURTHY Farms, a popular Cow’s natural (Organic) whole milk brand from the city has introduced glass bottles for supplying milk to its customers.

Keeping with the new law on usage of plastics and caring for the environment, Murthy Farms has introduced glass bottles, which is very hygienic and safe for milk handling. Murthy Farms supplies excellent quality Cow’s natural milk to its customers all over city. Two variety of milk is supplied by Murthy Farms, mixed Cow’s natural milk and pure ‘Deshi Cow’s natural milk is available to the health conscious customers of city.

The milk is certified as A2 milk. Presently Murthy Farms supply both Mix Cow and Deshi Cow milk to around 400 health and quality conscious consumers of city. As the milk is fresh, natural and unpasteurised (Whole), customers like its natural taste.

Consumers get cow’s wholesome, nutritious milk which is just like the milk our ancestors consumed. No fat is removed from the milk. From this whole milk, products like curds, butter, ghee etc can be prepared in a wholesome manner.

The basic concept of Murthy Farms is to first take care of the cows with utmost care and affection, treat them kindly and take good care of their needs. A state-of-the-art, very hygienic cow shed has been constructed to house milking animals.

High-quality, heavy duty natural rubber mats have been spread and cow beds has been placed over the rubber mats. This makes them comfortable, hygienic and disease free.

Milk is tested on daily basis using sophisticated machines which determines all contents such as fat percentage, SNF, water content (if used), degree, Fructose and Lactose content in milk.

Murthy Farms ensures a minimum of 4 per cent fat and 8.5 per cent of SNF (Solid Not Fat) in its cow’s whole milk.
Murthy Farms cow’s whole milk is available now at Rs 66 per liter for mixed cow’s milk and Rs 93 for the Deshi Cow’s milk.

Murthy Farms cow’s natural whole milk is available presently at all major localities/areas in Nagpur.
Milk is delivered at the doorstep of customers by smart, courteous delivery boys during early hours of the day. Interested, quality conscious citizens may become member for daily supply of cow’s natural milk from Murthy farms by registering on or calling on phone 91 9657728164, Vishal on phone 9689936990, Rupesh on phone 9657728149, Subodh on phone 9657728120, informs a press release.