Nagpurians experience historical, modern architectural infrastructures of city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 09:23:53


Staff Reporter,

Citizens of Nagpur experienced some historical and modern architectural infrastructures of the city during the heritage walk organised by Architectural Sankul in association of Nagpur Central Museum recently. ‘Era - Evolution - Experience’ was the theme of the heritage walk. The heritage walk started from Bhonda Mahadev Mandir and headed towards Gowari Memorial, Zero Mile, Nagpur Metro and then concluded at Central Museum near Vidhan Bhavan.

The event was held for people of Nagpur with an aim to make people aware of local heritage. The walk explored the era from 1818 establishment of Bhonda Mahadev Mandir to 2018 Nagpur Metro Experience Centre suitable to the theme for 200 years of Nagpur’s evolution. More than 125 people participated in the walk. At Bhonda Mahadev Temple, the participants experienced the past history as the story unfolded the reason for its establishment and existence. History of the temple was explained by Nitika Ramani, Assistant Prof Jhulelal College of Architecture.

Dr Virag Sontakke, Curator, Central Museum explained the details of the sculptures on the temple to all participants during the event. Ranjan Dandige, whose forefather was a minister for the British Residency and for whom the Bhonda Mahadev temple and Wada was designed, himself explained the history to participants.

Architect Madhura Rathod explained about the scale, proportion, role of materials, technology etc that used in the temple. Nitika Ramani also explained about the Gowari Memorial stamped history while Ravi Nafde, Principal, Jhulelal College of Architecture explained the consent of the design of the memorial.

After knowing the facts and history of Zero Mile all participants were found excited. Atharva Shivankar and Himali Hardas helped the participants to experience the Mazi Metro Experience Centre located near Zero Mile.
Thereafter, Dr Sontakke talked about the history of the Central Museum and explained the items conserved there for visitors. The participants also appreciated the exhibition that displayed various paintings, photographs of Nagardhan excavation and designs of Jhulelal College students.

Kishor Divekar, Convenor, INTACH, Dr P M Khobragade, Director, Department of Travel and Tourism, RTMNU, Neha Munje, Umesh Verma and many other guests and dignitaries were present during the heritage walk.