Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 12:41:56










ANY good team, that had gained ascendancy with a sterling show in the previous game, would go for the jugular at the next immediate opportunity. This aspect in the mental make-up of Virat Kohli’s team is starkly missing. It flared up like a sore thumb in Southampton when India handed England a Test that they should have pocketed with ease. It was not just heartbreaking but also embarrassing to see Indian batsmen’s poor application in the second innings. Despite a modest target to chase India yet again made mountain out of a molehill, only to surrender to the innocuous off-spin of Moeen Ali. Indian batting has been badly exposed on this England tour. Not that their counterparts had a great line-up but India fared badly even in this battle of poor batsmanship. However one wants to see this Indian team, one thing is for sure -- this batting unit is not as good as we are believing from just one good outing in the last game. In fact, the art of Test batting has seen a major slump all over the world and India are one of its worst sufferers, as the fourth Test showed.


DRAWING attention towards a Europe-wide heatwave this summer and bush fires in Australia, head of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFFCCC) Patricia Espinosa has lamented that governments are still not on track to meet the goal of limiting temperatures well below 2 degrees celsius before the end of the century as decided under the 2015 Paris agreement. Biggest hurdle in meeting the target of limiting global warming has been the attitude of US President Mr. Donald Trump who refuses to take necessary steps to achieve the target. While the attitude of Mr. Trump is patently hostile, other nations, most of whom are developed countries, too have not shown much enthusiasm. While they are reluctant to restrict their use of fossil fuels, the biggest culprit in causing global warming, they want newly developing countries to adhere to norms for use of fossil fuels set under the Paris agreement. It is likely that like the World Trade Organisation, the Paris agreement too may be doomed. That could be catastrophic for the world.