Skillful teachers Need Of The Hour

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2018 12:43:14



By dr yasin sheikh

On the eve of Teacher's Day, I extend my sincere gratitude to all the teachers. This title is given aptly to deliberate certain situation about teachers in our country. Teachers are always referred as they are the most imperative and highly influential personality in society. Teachers are the ideal distinctive symbol of a knowledge and skilful person in society, respected by all. Character of any nation echoes in the image and how society is treating their nation builder teachers.

India is young nation, majority of population fall in teen and young age. Every category of age has its own requirement and needs, same is applicable to the nation too. Our country is passing through very young phase of large population. If you take a scenario of different nations in the world, young population has played giant role in changing the fate of a nation.

Young population are in schools and colleges and teachers are the mentors, guide and trainers to them, to help them to shape their future. The biggest question comes in mind. Teachers are the creator of nation through education, but are they adequate with desirable skilled? Are they treated like a creator of nation? Do they get that value what they deserve? Today ---though, merit has decline radically, but value of the teachers in shaping the life is very significant. In today's environment, where moral, ethical and social values are declining fast. The role of teacher is now becoming more important than it was in the past. Teacher play vital role in laying down the foundation of the generation. No need to say that if foundation is strong, then only strong building can be built on. Teacher not only lay down the foundation, but also gives the shape to the upcoming and budding generation and helps making nation strong and sturdy. Student during his schools time spends around more than 25 thousand hours. It's very big time to influence them for building strong character and spirit of self-understanding and national citizen values, channelising their energy productively, creatively and skillfully.

Today, education has gone much beyond the basic learning need. Challenges are different than what did we experienced in past while nurturing the young generation. Now a days students are getting too much in too less time and losing the innocence of learning age, they are into virtual veracity of life and far away from reality. Teachers to change and adopt themselves to fit into this change scenario. Need to know how to keep students motivating towards learning and keeping focus on career and life. The biggest challenge in front of teachers are how to keep students away from virtual veracity and bring them back to reality of life before it's too late. Teacher's role has got change from teaching to counsellor, mentor, facilitator etc. They just can't get thing done from students now a days until and unless they are not able to convince them what is to get thing done, for that certain skills are needed. Along with imparting knowledge, it is equally appreciated to become skilful or adopt skills which can help teachers to influence, motivate students to achieve more and utilise their potential fully.

Teachers must adopt following Skills to help students:
Decision Making Skill: Encourage learner to make decisions-yes , very much , teachers should always keep on encouraging the students to make their decisions, selection of school captain /monitor /sport in charge/ activity in charge are the process where teacher can encourage them for making the decisions, which help in long life of the students.

Effective Communication Skill: Smartness in communication is the key of accomplishment now a day. School is the founder place of this process and teacher is the main coach for it. Apply good communication skills so that habit can be inculcated in students.

Trust, Confidence Building Skill: Confidence only comes when you encourage the students on right things and create an atmosphere of openness. Trust will develop in themselves if you stand to your words and commitments. Teacher's approach must be welcoming rather than a terror. Shares information and experiences openly. Provide accurate and appropriate feedback. Help them to learn from mistakes.

Motivating And Empowering Skill: Every students has some unique quality, only need to identify and motivate to take maximum advantage out of it. Teachers must take interest to bring them out of shell as students are shy and reluctant to open easily. They are very creative, small encouragement may help in motivating and empowering hidden talent in them. Help them to work out the answer, rather than just telling them.

Good Relationship Skill: Just like a parent teachers are also expected to have deep routed relationship with the students, that may help the teachers and students to understand each other. Introduce them to other people who might be able to help them. He must be flexible and open to new ideas. Mentoring is a two-way process in which both mentors and mentees benefit from the networking, sharing of ideas and interaction that can lead to lifelong relationship.

Patriotic Skill: Most importantly every teacher must develop the national spirit among the students. Make them understand their role in developing nation. Share good example of nationalism, patriotism, sacrifices of the people for the nation, contribution made by various people in developing the country.

'Behind every successful person, there is one elementary truth: somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development. This person is their teacher and mentor. For better services to the nation, teachers to adopt some characteristics of a good mentor, like trustworthy, drives the process and take responsibility for educating them in solving problems, personal growth and development. Give constructive, critical advice - but don't expect to solve all their problems for them. Give them responsibility and monitor progress, build confidence through activities. Sets realistic and appropriate goal. Trained them on caring, analytical, creative, tolerance, broadmindedness, truthful, cheerful and strong character.
According to Dean Potter “ The good teacher is enthusiastic, kind, agreeable, accommodating, cooperative, patience, optimistic, inspiring, tactful, clear thinker, courteous, sympathetic, knowledgeable, responsible, punctual, honest and courageous.”
(The author is Director, School of Interdisciplinary Science, Symbiosis Skills and Open University, Pune and can be reached at [email protected]) n