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By dr pragya m kumar,

A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.There are teachers we can’t remember and then there are teachers we can’t forget. Most people who ever went to study, have a Favourite Teacher: one they can remember vividly even after years. The best teachers live on, in the hearts of their students- long after they part physically. The bond is stronger than one that can be broken by distance-in time or space. Throughout the period of formal education, teachers are a permanent feature, be it in school, college or university.


Small footsteps...a beginning
For a start, let us look at a primary school teacher. We’ve heard parents think aloud so often: We can’t take care of one or two kids at home, how do teachers manage so many in one room? Indeed. And we have also often heard teachers say ‘All the kids in my class, become my own over a period of time’. True,isn’t it? Here comes the real challenge: To teach .The little ones are scientists, beginning to explore their world. To instill discipline, make them sit down in a specific place and try to focus on learning: all this, while the kids are like behaving like excited tourists! Picture this, and you’ll find a reason to appreciate what the first teachers of kids in school go through. It’s a mixed bag ...they love the kids but need to discipline them.The kids have no clue about the process of learning :the structure of processes in a classroom needs patience and understanding before real learning can begin. So here’s an applause for every primary school teacher, who treats the students with love and shapes the clay in this initial period.

Building a strong foundation....
A foundation is being built. There are no engineers at work here. This job requires more than engineering skills for the foundation needs to be strong. A lifetime depends on it. Brick by brick, cementing skills, values, behaviour ,knowledge and a positive outlook together, some school teachers build the foundation ...not just of an individual, but of the nation. They are inspired by great ideas and catalysts in nation building. Imparting theoretical knowledge to a class full of talkative, restless, imaginative and often distracted children is no mean task. Correcting notebooks, assignments and evaluating progress through tests...all this and more. Dealing with the parents who sometimes treat them like they are on trial, being accountable for all that goes on in their class each day, all year long....and treading the tight rope balancing discipline with love: it’s not a bed of roses.To the sculptors that work tirelessly to chip off the unwanted, undesirables and chisel out the beginning of a new masterpiece, with every student in every batch, a round of applause.

Time to take off
Dealing with one or two teenagers at home, sends parents into regular huddles with other parents....trying to sort out what’s going on. Academic performance becomes like a roller coaster ride. Peer pressure and social influences create a new set of challenges for the students. To encounter the teenage ninjas in classroom, in corridors, in the playfield, in the laboratories everyday and keep up with their ever increasing set of moves, requires a mastermind. With that watchful parent who will ruthlessly interrogate the teacher’s actions at every PTM ,the teachers become experts in non martial arts. They learn to tackle tricky issues with aplomb. They become master trainers in the art of peace making. With all the stress of what it takes to emerge with a winning team of youngsters, teachers deserve gratitude.

Wings for flight
The crossroads always inspire and excite. Which way to go? The young students need to make a critical choice at this juncture of their journey. They need wings to realise their dreams. The unforgettable teachers are those who help in the process of self discovery. They motivate students to believe in themselves and find their true strengths. They are the drivers that lead students on the path to achieving goals that will shape their future. It is not an exaggeration to say, teaching is the mother of all professions. It is at this critical juncture of their life that students need a friend, philosopher and guide. The best teachers ignite a spark and prepare the students to take off on a journey that will make them doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, musicians, sportspersons, bureaucrats....whatever they are willing to become. The best gift a nation can get is youth that are disciplined, diligent and determined to excel. We need to thank our selfless teachers for this gift that is the stuff great nations are made of.

There is a saying: Give me a fish, I eat for a day. Teach me to fish, I eat for a lifetime.
Knowledge about the profession of one’s choice comes from the experts in the field who choose to share it. The professors polish and train the raw material they receive and give to society the professionals who are ready to shoulder challenges. This teacher is giving to society soldiers ready for battle. Change agents and much more. They are giving shape to the dedicating their present .Surely, they have earned our respect.
For a better world, we need great teachers.
Lee Iacocca said:’In a completely rational society,the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for less’.

Teaching is not merely a job. It requires passion. The urge to go beyond the brief and inspire. Encourage. Ignite. Those who wish to become great teachers have inspiration galore. One of India’s greatest teachers, APJ Abdul Kalam has left behind a simple Eleven Point Oath for Teachers :
1. First and foremost, I will love teaching. Teaching will be my soul.
2. I will achieve proficiency in e-learning systems and encourage students to make use of the available e-learning system in the country.
3. I realise that I am responsible for shaping not just students but ignited youth who are the most powerful resource under the earth, on the earth and above the earth. I will be fully committed to the great mission of teaching.
4. I will consider myself to be a great teacher only when I am capable of elevating the average student to the high performance.
5. I will organise and conduct my life, in such a way that my life itself is a message for my students.
6. I will encourage my students and children to ask questions and develop the spirit of enquiry, so that they blossom into creative enlightened citizens.
7. I will treat all the students equally and will not support any differentiation on account of religion, community or language.
8. I will continuously build the capacities in teaching so that I can impart quality education to my students.
9. I realise by being a teacher, I am making an important contribution to the efforts of national development.
10. I will constantly endeavour to fill my mind, with great thoughts and spread the nobility in thinking and action among my students.
11. I will always celebrate the success of my students.
The lighthouse...and the ship: Parents
While there are teachers in our education system at every step, there is one set of teachers who never leave our side throughout the entire journey: parents.They are the lighthouse, the anchor, the compass and the ship. They teach us lessons that build us from within. They are the shoulder that has seen many tears, they are the hands that have shaped us everyday to be better than yesterday, they are the heart and head that helped us to keep a balance and they are very ground on which the foundation is built. No words can ever suffice to express gratitude to our most constant teachers....all we can give to them is love, respect and becoming all they have inspired us to be.
Teachers change the day at a time.
Here’s a Thank teachers
With Love
(The author is Psychologist & Trainer @ Arunima Ankuran and can be reached at [email protected])