AIDS awareness programme held at Nirbhaya Shelter home

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2018 10:37:58



Staff Reporter

Awareness program on AIDS and health camp was organised in Nirbhaya Shelter Home. On this occasion, Counsellor Sharmila Ubnare gave information and made girls and women aware about the disease. She told that AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a syndrome caused by a virus called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). The disease alters the immune system, making people much more vulnerable to infections and diseases. This susceptibility worsens if the syndrome progresses. HIV is found throughout all the tissues of the body but is transmitted through the body fluids of an infected person through semen, vaginal fluids, blood, and breast milk. HIV infection can cause AIDS to develop. However, it is possible to contract HIV without developing AIDS. Without treatment, HIV can progress and, eventually, it will develop into AIDS in the vast majority of cases. The symptoms of early HIV infection may include fever chills joint pain muscle aches sore throat sweats, enlarged glands , red rash and tiredness. One should always get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases. Insist that your partners get tested and treated too. Having an STD can increase your risk of becoming infected with HIV or spreading it to others.

Yogesh Sirothia addressing the audience said that 90 per cent of HIV positive people are aged from 15 years to 49 years of age. He said that for blood transfusion only take out the blood from the licensed blood bank. All pregnant women should be tested for HIV/AIDS so that preventive measures can be taken at early stage itself. He also informed that to reduce risk of HIV infection, unprotected sex should be avoided and, use only sterile injection equipment and water and never equipment with others should be shared. Possible exposures to HIV outside the workplace may include Sexual assault (attacker HIV status known or (unknown), sharing needles or syringes getting stuck by a syringe accidentally. HIV can also spread from a woman with HIV to her child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. This spread of HIV is called mother-to-child transmission of HIV. In the past, some people were infected with HIV after receiving a blood transfusion or organ or tissue transplant from a donor with HIV but now days it is extensive tests are being taken. Many other volunteers including Samar Khan, Udita Jha etc were present. The shelter home works towards providing legal and medical aid, shelter, protection, security and other such facilities to women in distress.