Backing a cause

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2018 10:16:21


With the trailer garnering incredible reviews at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Rajkummar Rao and Nargis Fakhri starrer 5 Weddings is all set for its theatrical release. 

It is interesting to see how in a country such as ours where there is a continued lack of acceptance and opportunity for the transgender community, Director Namrita Gujral takes up their cause in the film, making it one of the first films on transgender featuring mainstream actors.

Sources tell us that initially, even though both Rajkummar and Nargis loved the script; Nargis - who plays an Indo American journalist in the film - started to get apprehensive about the film. Apparently she even received threat calls to quit the film. Rajkummar on the other hand held the fort and insisted that the show must go on as the film had a great script that takes up cause of the transgender community.

Director, Namrita Gujral informs , “Once we decided to introduce the transgender angle, it took up pretty much the entire film. About 2 weeks prior to shoot I got a call from Nargis. She was hysterical and cried, she begged me to remove the transgender angle. She had been threatened she said, I am not sure by who, and that if she did it she would be in danger. Later I also got a call from her manager in London, but I said I can’t stop the film. So Nargis asked if we could water down the transgender angle, I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t cast someone else just two weeks prior to the shoot.”

5 Weddings is about journey of an Indian American journalist, who travels to India to cover the colorful vibrancy of Indian weddings. Once there, she begins to explore the lives of transgenders, a group of dancers who have been an integral part of Indian weddings for centuries.Presented by Amaash Films and Uniglobe Entertainment, 5 Weddings is slated to release on September 21.