Bengali community plays significant role in devpt of Sanskardhani

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2018 11:14:46



Staff Reporter

Bengali community plays a significant role in the progress and development of Sanskardhani. Arrival of Bengalis commenced with establishment of different organisations of Central Government in Jabalpur. Till date Bengali community has four registered organisations in the city which operate different cultural, social and religious activities throughout the year. But the community yet to play any significant role in social welfare or political scenario. Hence Banga Samaj Jabalpur came into existence to fulfill the voids left by the Bengali community in the socio-political scenario of Jabalpur city, informed Jiban Krishna Bhattacharya, President, Banga Samaj Jabalpur.

Banga Samaj President, Bhattacharya was addressing a press conference called on Tuesday to inform about objectives with which Samaj came into existence. The Samaj’s main objectives are to promote poor students to pursue education, counselling of youngsters and guardians, marriage of poor girls, to support aged persons and to work for cultural and social upliftment.

Bhattacharya later introduced other office-bearers of Samaj who included Ashish Banerjee and Mukhta Roy as Vice-Presidents, Sujit Banerjee as Secretary, D K Pal as Joint Secretary, Anup Saha Roy as Treasurer and Sanjay Bhattacharya as member respectively.

Simultaneously, incharges appointed for five constituencies included Alok Bose from Jabalpur East, Antara Pal from Jabalpur West, Anjan Chatterjee from Jabalpur North Centre, Laxman Das from Cantt and Tapan Das from Panager constituency respectively. The female members were given 25 percent reservation right from the beginning.