Doctors’ Nukkad Natak to promote eye donation

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2018 11:33:41



Staff Reporter


If you thought ‘Nukkad Natak’ or Street Plays are for the Theatre lovers only, and doctors just wear white coats to hurry around with needles and glasses then you would be surprised at seeing them perform a street play in Raipur’s Marine Drive.

The idea was to propagate ‘Eye Donation’ and rally around people with the noble cause. The ophthalmologists at MGM Eye Institute, one of the premier Ophthalmology Institutes in Central India, decided to take the cause to common people and what better than using the medium of theatre?

“India has a horrible ratio when it comes to blindness. Eye Donation is one way we can leave this world a better place after we die. It is perfectly healthy, and includes no major medical procedural complications. You can pledge your eyes while you live and then, it can be a life saver for someone less fortunate than you,” said Dr Deepshikha Agrawal, Director MGM Eye Institute.

She explains further, “What’s even better is the fact that if we pledge our eyes then it ends up benefiting two blind people at a time, with cornea replacements. One of the performing doctors added that there are several misnomers about eye donation, like one might end up being born blind in the next birth. It is these notions that we need to dispel from the society, so that  more and more people can pledge their eyes. Just by printing pamphlets and giving ads on TV, we might not be raking up their imagination in the right direction. Hence, the idea of a ‘Nukkad Natak’, which is entertaining,
as well as informant at the same time.”

The participants included Shakir Ahmad, Viraat Singh, Punendra Manikpuri, Analaan Manikpuri, Usha Verma, Shishir Shukla and Deepanshu.