Five injured during ‘Dahi Handi’ celebration in Khairlanjhi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2018 10:17:59



Our Correspondent


Five persons were injured when the human pyramid collapsed and rope broke during ‘Dahi Handi’ event at Khairlanji. A rope was tied from the railing of the auditorium and it suddenly broke die to which five person were injured. A two-year-old girl had a miraculous escape and two injured were admitted at Community Health Centre, Khairlanji. .

It may be mentioned that on the occasion of Janamashtmi, locals install idol of lord Krishna at their homes and at public places. Under it, ’Dahi Handi’ event was held at Gandhi chowk. One end of the rope was tied to wall of the railing of the auditorium and one end was tied to dahi handi. When youths formed pyramid and scale the pyramid, the man at the top got hold of the ‘matki’ and rope. Due to more weight on the rope, the other side of the rope at railing could not bear the weight and wall collapsed. Some person were sitting beneath the wall and five person were injured. A two-year-old girl was saved.

The injured Munni Mehtar Lal Lilhare, age 55 years, Laxmi Rajendra Maskare, age 40 years, Jamwanti Mukesh Maskare, age 45 years were given first aid and then sent to District Hospital, Balaghat.

Devendra Lilhare, son of the injured lady Munni said that due to negligence of organising committee, this mishap occurred. Police were not informed about the event and event organizers did not see whether the rope tied to the wall was strong or not. Those who were breaking ‘dahi handi’ were inebriated.