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Modak is a confectionery offered to Lord Ganesha - God of Knowledge particularly on chathurthi and during ten days of Ganpati festival, which is celebrated with great zest across Maharashtra. It is believed that modak is a favourate food of Lord Ganesha. Generally it is made out of rice flour or wheat flour, coconut and jaggery. Preparing modak during festival for ten days is somewhat difficult to manage for home managers. Preparation of traditional steamed modak requires special skill and wheat flour modak need frying. Steamed modak has short shelf life and frying is not healthy method.

So, author thought that the preparation process should be made simple, quick and free or low in sugar content. Natural sugar sources can be used like honey, kakavi, khoa, milk, resins, apricot, figs, dates, kharik powder, fresh fruits like custard apple, banana, mango, etc. Use of coconut and sugar repeatedly brings monotony. So variety of ingredients brings variation. Addition of dry fruits, milk product, oil seeds not only increase protein content, but increase valuable vitamins and minerals.

A chart of foods is given here with their purpose for formulation of modak. So give a long thought and decide which food goes with what, what food makes value addition. Some food need simple cooking and some do not. After going through the chart you, yourself can design formula and do standardisation. You will enjoy doing so because it simplifies process of modak making. Members of family partaking prasad will also get nutritional benefit. Some of the formulas and procedure of preparing modak is given here. I hope you will enjoy it while making, offering and consuming sacred prasad of Ganesha…

Semolina Fruit Jam Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Roasted Semolina: 1 part
Milk/ Water: 1½ - 2 parts
Fruit Jam/ Jelly/ Marmalade/ Pulp:1 part (for flavour & colour)
Ghee/ Clarified Butter: 1/3 Part
Candy/ Fresh/ Tinned Fruit pieces: For garnishing
Boil milk add ghee. Add roasted semolina and cook till done. Add fruit jam/ jelly/ marmalade/ pulp, candy and mix well. Cover pan for two minutes. Fill cooked semolina in modak mould to give modak shape. Garnish with candy/ fresh or tinned fruit pieces.
Note: Variety of modak can be prepared by using different fruit jams, tinned fruits, fruit pulp, fresh fruits, gulkand, petha, rasgulla, gulabjam, chocolate, etc. These modak are rich in protein and energy.

Paneer Modak
(Preparation time: 07 minutes)
Paneer: 1 part
Petha: ¼ - ½ part
Grated Coconut: For garnishing
Keshar / Cardamom: For flavor
Grate paneer and petha. Mix well to make dough. Add cardamom or kesar as per desire. Divide dough into required number of modak and mould. Roll modak into grated coconut. Garnish with pomegranate/ cherry/ candy/ dry or fresh fruits. Paneer modak are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B12.

Dates Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Dates: 1 part
Cashewnut: ¼ part
Khuskhus: 1/10 part
Grated coconut: ¼ - ½ part
Powdered Sugar (optional) for taste
Ghee: For flavour and binding
Nutmeg powder: For flavour
Silver paper: For garnishing
Remove seeds and mash dates to form dough. Mix roasted coconut, roasted khuskhus, cashewnut pieces, nutmeg powder, powdered sugar and ghee. Divide mixture into required number and mould modak. Garnish with silver paper/ rose petals/ grated coconut. Dates modak are rich in antioxidants, minerals, protein and energy.

Chocolate Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Khoa: 1 part
Coco powder/ Chocolate: 1/10 parts
Sugar: ½¾ parts
Almond: Few
Silver paper: For garnishing
Roast almonds pieces on slow flame in a thick bottom pan. Cook khoa with powdered sugar till it get thick. Mix roasted almond. Divide khoa into two parts. Add grated chocolate or coco powder in one part. Mould modak out of white and chocolate khoa mixture. Garnish with silver paper. Chocolate modak are rich in protein and antioxidants.

Bengal Gram Modak
(Preparation time: 08 minutes)
Roasted Bengal gram dal: 1 part
Powdered sugar : ¼½ part
Ghee for binding
Raisins and chironji few
Grind roasted bengal gram dal. Mix powdered sugar, raisins, chironji and ghee. Mould into modak shape. Garnish with raisins. Bengal gram modak are rich in protein, energy and minerals.

Ragi / Bajara Modak
(Preparation time: 14 minutes)
Ragi/ Bajara flour: 1 part
Chemical free jaggery or sugar : ¼ part
Dry dates powder: ¼ part
Powdered gum/ Rice flakes: ¼ part
Khuskhus: ¼ part
Ghee for binding
Roast ragi/ bajara flour without ghee, add khuskhus at the end and roast for two minutes. Fry powdered gum or rice flakes. Mix well grated jaggery or powdered sugar, dry dates powder, fried gum/ rice flakes and ghee. Mould into modak. Garnish with silver paper. Roast ragi modak rich in calcium and bajara modak are rich in iron.

Dry Fruits Modak
(Preparation time: 15 minutes)
Dry fruits: 1 part
Powdered Gum: ¼ part
Khuskhus: 1/10 part
Grated coconut: ¼ part
Apricot/Raisin/powdered sugar/ jaggery: ¼ part
Ghee for frying gum
Nutmeg for flavor
Soak apricot/raisin for two hours, remove seeds and grind. Cook to make thick syrup. Grind roasted khuskhus, roasted grated coconut and dry fruits. Fry gum powder till it gets puff. Mix all ingredients along with dry fruits and nutmeg powder in syrup. Mould into modak. Dry fruits modak are rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants.

Groundnut, Sesame Seed Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Groundnut + Sesame Seed+ Coconut: 1 part Jaggery / Kakavi: ¼ part
Ghee for flavour
Nutmeg/Cardamom/Ginger Powder for
Roast groundnuts, sesame seed separately and grind carefully (do not over grind). Roast grated coconut. Mix all the ingredients. Take grated jaggery in thick bottom pan. Add 2-3 t.sp. water and 1 t.sp. ghee. Heat till soft ball consistency. Add groundnut, sesame and coconut and mix well. Add nutmeg / cardamom / ginger powder if desire. Cool the mixture and mould modak. Roll on grated coconut. Such Modak can also be prepared separately out of groundnut, sesame seeds, coconut as well. Groundnut and sesame modak are rich in protein and minerals.

Biscuit Modak
(Preparation time: 07 minutes)
Biscuit 1 part
Chocolate pieces for taste
Mix jam/ Honey for binding and flavor
Ghee for greasing
Grind biscuits. Mix Jam, Chocolate pieces and make dough by using little ghee. Mould modak with the help of greased mould container. Garnish with grated chocolate. Biscuit modak are rich in energy and protein.

Carrot / Beet Modak
(Preparation time: 15 minutes)
Grated Carrot /beet: 1 part
Khoa/ Condensed milk: 1/10 part
Sugar: ¼ part Ghee: 1/5 part
Cashewnut/Water melon seeds for
Cook grated carrot/ beet in thick bottom pan till gets dry. Add sugar and cook till gets dry. Add khoa/ condensed milk and cook. Add ghee and cook for a minute. Add cashewnut powder to make the mixture thick if require. Mix cashewnuts/water melon seed and ghee. Mould into modak. Garnish with silver paper. Carrot and beet rich in antioxidants and fibre.

Coconut Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Grated coconut: 1 part
Condensed milk/ Cream & Sugar for binding
Ghee/ coconut oil for greasing
Pistachio chips & Silver paper for garnishing
Roast grated coconut for a minute, add condensed milk or cream & sugar, pistachio and cook to get it thick. Grease hands with coconut oil or ghee and mould modak. Garnish with silver paper. Coconut modak are rich in monounsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals.

Cashewnut / Pistachio / Almond Modak
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)
Walnut: 1 part
Sugar: ½ part
Milk powder/ milk if required
Rose water/ Gulkand for flavor
Silver Paper: For garnishing
Prepare soft ball consistency syrup with sugar and water. Add finely grinded nut powder in sugar syrup and cook to make thick mass. Cool it and knead well. Use milk powder or milk if require to get good dough. Add rose water or gulkand for flavor. Divide the dough into required number of modak and mould with the help of modak container. Garnish with silver paper. Cashewnuts/ pistachio/ almond modak are rich in protein, magnesium and monounsaturated fat.

Wheat or Rajgeera Modak
(Preparation time: 15 minutes)
Wheat or Rajgeera flour: 1 part
Rice flakes/ gum powder: ¼ part
Khuskhus: 1/20 part
Chironji: 1/20 part
Cinnamon powder for flavour
Powdered sugar/Kakavi/Honey for taste
Ghee for frying and binding
Roast flour, khuskhus without ghee till golden brown. Fry rice flakes / powdered gum in ghee. Mix flour, khuskhus, fried rice flakes or gum, chironji, cinnamon powder and powdered sugar. Add ghee to get binding consistency. Mould modak and garnish with fried rice flakes. Wheat and rajgeera modak are rich in energy, protein and minerals.

Mouth Freshing (Tambul) Modak
(Preparation time: 05 minutes)
Prepare traditional pan (Betel leaves) with lime, kattha, saunf, ajwain, grated coconut, thandai, gulkand, etc. grind in mixer or hand pound. Mould modak and garnish with silver paper. Betal leaves modak are rich in vitamins and minerals.
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