‘Gambusia’ fishes to be released in 42 ponds to control dengue menace

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Sep 2018 12:23:10



Staff Reporter


Unable to control rising number of dengue cases in the Steel City, the BMC authorities have decided to introduce mosquito larvae eating ‘Gambusia Fish’ also known as ‘Mosquitofish’ to control dengue menace and released over 60,000 gambusia fishes in various ponds.

After trying all the possible efforts to control dengue menace such as spraying of temefos and malathione, now, the Bhilai Municipal Corporation has came-up with another and eco-friendly alternative method of releasing ‘Gambusia Fish’, in 42 ponds and other water reservoirs to control the larva spread of Aedes mosquito, which carries dengue virus.

Environmentalist Jitendra Sharma pointed that Gambusia Fish are small in comparison to many other freshwater fish, with females reaching an overall length of 7 cm and males at a length of 4 cm The female can be distinguished from the male by her larger size and a gravid spot at the posterior of her abdomen. The name “mosquitofish” was given because the diet of this fish sometimes consists of large numbers of mosquito larvae, relative to body size. He also informed that Gambusia fish typically eat zooplankton, beetles, mayflies, caddis flies, mites, and other invertebrate; mosquito larvae make up only a small portion of their diet.

“The method of releasing Gambusia fish is prevalent in many countries for curtailing dengue and other vector borne diseases”, added BMC officials.