Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2018 12:34:11










THE Kerala catastrophe is a grim reminder to states like Maharashtra, abutting the fragile Western Ghats. Governments in these states have to take this grim warning very seriously. The State of Kerala has learnt a bitter lesson at a very high cost, which could fall on any other state lining up the Western Ghats. The Kerala disaster also highlights the criminal negligence of ecological factors in mindless development to satiate the urban wants, which are temporary in nature but cause permanent damage to the ecology. The consequences are disastrous, as has been seen in Kerala. The fact that states have hardly responded to the communication of the National Green Tribunal to reissue the draft notification on conservation of ecologically rich diversity of the fragile Western Ghats, shows scant regard by the States of the region on the issue. In fact Karnataka’s objection to the notification is a patent disregard for environmental concerns. Their only interest seems to be to limit the area under the Western Ghats region so as to go on with their developmental projects.


ENGLAND cricket team’s 2012 series victory over India in India was a prime example of how technology is used for skills refinement. They made optimum use of the machines and computers at their service to draw out a battle plan for Indian spinners and also their batsmen. When Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi exhorted the medal winners in Jakarta Asian Games to make self-improvement by using technology-aided analysis of their performance, he was only stressing how critical technology has become for today’s sportspersons. Human skill and craft is the first imperative of sporting success but when technology is adopted as a tool to enhance one’s skills it takes the performance levels to a totally different plane. Advancement in technology has added teeth to players’ performance, for, it helps them rectify the mistakes that are typically invisible to the naked eye. Every game is seeking help of technology for weeding out little irritants. The PM’s advice also needs to be followed by administrators, who are responsible for making available technology to players.