Non-medical teachers demand separate council

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2018 10:46:54



Staff Reporter

NON-MEDICAL teachers staged protest in favour of their 2 point demands in the State capital on Thursday. Non-medical teachers are demanding separate councils for dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and traditional Indian medicines.

Teachers are opposing the ideology of decreasing the vacancies of non-medical teachers by half the rate. They say that medical practice is not required to teach non-clinical subjects. In fact MSc teachers are teaching in medical colleges from years.

Dr Shridhar Rao, President of National Non-Medical MSc Teachers Association while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ said that due to shortage of teachers in non-clinical subjects of the MBBS course, medical MSc postgraduates used to teach non-medical subjects. Medical Council of India used to sanction permission to run these courses in the medical colleges. Previously, over 90 colleges used to run the cases, later this number declined to around 30 medical colleges. He added that, in this era medical students are opting non-medical subjects. He said no doubt medical practitioners can teach MBBS better but there are several subjects where medical practice is not required. Yet Medical Council of India is planning to reduce the percentage of non-medical teachers. That would make thousands of non-medical teachers unemployed. Dr Shridhar said that non-medical teachers are also demanding for separate councils of non-medical subjects.
Dr Shridhar added there are several other branches associated with the healthcare, whose professionals includeing physiotherapists, optometrists, laboratory technicians, imaging technologists and others have no such councils. And no one is ready to take action in their favour.