13 swine flu cases detected in Madhya Pradesh; 8 people killed

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Sep 2018 13:06:36


Staff Reporter,

AS MOISTURE content is high in atmosphere due to monsoon, hence gradually, threat of swine flu caused by H1N1 virus is on rise. Over a dozen cases of swine flu have been detected in Madhya Pradesh and the dreaded disease has claimed eight lives till now. Madhya Pradesh Vector Borne Diseases Control Department told ‘The Hitavada’ that as many as 8 swine flu patients have died so far. Now, such is the condition that if people suffer from normal cold, cough and throat infection with high fever then they prefer swine flu test.

This could be gauged from the fact that test centre of swine flu in Government hospitals are swarmed by people coming for swine flu test. Around 727 samples have been sent to laboratory for test. Of them, 13 have been detected positive. Dr Himanshu Jayswar, Director of State Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme, said that swine flu is highly contagious disease.

Vector Borne Disease Control Department has already issued an advisory in this regard. The Department has advised people to follow safety norms and visit their nearest doctors even if they suffer from normal flu. As symptoms of swine flu are similar to other flus. He added that State Vector Borne Diseases Control Department has opened OPDs from where patients suffering from swine flu can get necessary medical help. These flu OPDs are well equipped with required equipment and specialist doctors to treat patients.

Chief Medical and Health Officer of Bhopal district Dr Sudhir Jesani, while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ said as of now threat of vector-borne disease is not high and only sporadic cases of vector-borne diseases have been reported. Even then health officials are maintaining a close eye on the situation. He added that Malaria Officer Akhilesh Dubey is doing well in this regard. He is taking all precautionary measures to control vector borne diseases. Dr Jesani said that more cases have been recorded in Bhopal based hospitals as people suffering from disease come here for better treatment.