Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Sep 2018 10:36:53

THE surrender of the woman Naxalite who was involved in the massacre of as many as 31 Congress leaders in Jeeram Ghati in Chhattisgarh in the summer of 2013, indicates a major achievement for the security forces engaged in fight against Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in the past some time. The woman, variously known as Hidme or Madkarni Gangi, has admitted to have fired 31 rounds from her gun as the attack on the Congress leaders’ convoy was mounted. This woman was involved in an attack on a party of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) killing as many as 6 personnel. Her surrender to security forces, therefore, comes up as a laudable success of the security forces as well that of the Naxal Surrender policy of the Government of Chhattisgarh.

This surrender indicates that cracks are already developing in the ranks of the Naxalites whose leaders are also finding it tough to recruit cadres in their various dalams (groups). Because the pressure of the security forces is mounting, and because various channels of funding of the Naxalite activity are drying up, thanks to various steps taken by the Government, the leadership of LWE is finding it tough to carry on with its usual programme of organised violence as part of the war waged against the lawfully formed Government of the land. Behind the surrender of Madkarni Gangi are hidden many of these reasons.

Even though the anti-Naxalite operations are succeeding in most place as part of the Government’s nationwide drive, time is yet to arrive when the Government can claim a decisive victory. Thanks to the strategy of the Naxalites to have armed cadres plus civilian fronts, the anti-Government movement spread its ugly wings in many rural and urban areas across the country. Armed struggle needed an armed response plus developmental thrust, and the Government offered it rather well though belatedly. However, the bigger thrust is now needed to weed out civilian fronts the Naxals are operating, spreading falsehood and anti-national sentiment. The Government’s latest thrust on all fronts is now beginning to yield positive results. The surrender of Madkarni Gangi, therefore, offers a strong point giving an impression of fair success in anti-Naxal operations.

It must be admitted that the Naxal movement is not a small challenge for the Government as well as the larger Indian society. The Naxalites have joined hands with various anti-social forces to form a loose front front against the Government of the land. This front is active politically and has created a lot of trouble for the Government and its civilian and armed forces. The overall political activity in which the Naxals are involved has reached dangerous levels at many places, interfering with even the election process. This was happening also because some political parties were willing to join hands with the Naxalites for petty gains, even though they came at the cost of national interest. All these complicated details, therefore, contributed to making the Naxal challenge truly tough to handle.

Yet, the recent times have proved that the Left Wing Extremism is fading decisively and many areas on the national map have now been marked as free from the Naxal menace. This did not happen all by itself, of course. The Government worked resolutely and ensured defeat of various arms of LWE all over the country. The parallel action to dry up funds channel and arms supply lines also made a lot of difference, leading to the defeat of Naxalite movement at various places across the land. This fight, howsoever successful so far, is far from over, no matter the generally successful surrender policy of the Government and the generally powerful anti-Naxal thrust of the security forces.

Yet, the surrender of Madkarni Gangi marks an important point in the national fight against LWE. The attack on Congress convoy at Jeeram Ghati in Chhattisgarh could be marked as one of the worst attacks on the nation’s civilian system claiming lives of 31 leaders. The surrender, therefore, marks a point to feel good about in this national effort to douse anti-national forces.