Traffic cops set to launch ‘Surgical Strike’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Sep 2018 12:25:30


By Dheeraj Fartode,

After expanding ground units, Traffic Control Branch is now ready to rollout its 'Operation Surgical Strike' aimed at ensuring respect for law among the citizens. The plan is to unleash full force of law and at the same time also create awareness about following rules and regulations among the road users. As such traffic police have finalised plan and zeroed in on locations where a posse of police personnel would be deployed to convey the message. The cops would also rope in school students and NGOs to sensitise traffic violators.

It's basically carrot and stick policy with a little twist, said Raj Tilak Roshan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Traffic Control Branch. He informed The Hitavada that the drive is aimed at sensitising people about rules but we would also not sparing them for violation of norms. Every Zone of Traffic Control Branch would form two special teams of more than 15 traffic personnel and these teams would conduct massive checking and awareness programme at the pre-decided points.

School students with placards and awareness hoarding would also join the police personnel in lending a helping hand and driving home the message, he said. "We would issue e-challans as preparing spot challan is a waste time and could also lead to traffic jams", he stated further.

Basic idea behind the special drive was to instill fear of law but also to make them aware about consequences of violations of Motor Vehicle Act.  DCP has directed his staff not to harass citizens during the drive but none of the violators should get away and especially youngsters, bullet riders, and hooligans would be dealt with strictly.

1,500 persons killed in road accidents in 5 yrs

Around 1,500 persons were killed in road accidents in Nagpur city between 2012  to 2017. Almost one lakh persons were caught for driving vehicle under influence of liquor during the last five years. The information was revealed in a RTI query.  In Maharashtra, a total of 12,264 deaths in 35,853 road accidents were reported in year 2017. 20,465 people were injured in these mishaps. Maharashtra ranked third in the country in number of road mishaps.