10th International Echo Course and Workshop to be held today

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Sep 2018 10:52:11


Staff Reporter,

Renowned Cardiologist Dr Naveen C Nanda from Buckingham County, Virginia, is going to address 10th International Echo Course and Workshop on Echocardiography to be organised at Bhopal on September 9 told Dr P C Manoria and Dr Pankaj Manoria in the press conference organised in State Capital on Friday.

Dr Pankaj Manoria told that the echocardiography or echocardiogram is the modernised way of examining heart diseases. The use of echocardiography helps to determine whether any chest pain or associated symptoms are related to heart disease or not. He told that the biggest advantage to echocardiography is that it is not invasive and has no known risks or side effects. It is also cheaper as it costs Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 for 3D images and costs around Rs 3000 to Rs 3500 in 4D picturisation.

He added that even pregnant women and children could be benefitted by echocardiography. It is safe for them as well. He told that the doctors could examine preborn babies with the help of echocardiography and could be prepared to treat them after babies are born.  Meanwhile, Dr P C Manoria told that in the workshop there would be special session over fetal echocardiography. In which experts would give detailed knowledge about the usage of fetal echocardiography.

He told that national and international cardiograph experts would tell about the newest forms of echocardiography. This would be the live echocardiography workshop where cardiologists would do live demonstration of echocardiography over 50 different patients. He told that patients are already registered for the cause. Dr Manoria added that Dr Naveen C Nanda, Dr Anita Saxena, Dr S C Govind other cardiologists would address the special sessions in the workshop.

They would share their experience with several heart experts and doctors would get many opportunities to
learn about modest techniques of cardiography.