Police Line Takli Lake: A pristine natural bird habitat turned into sewage dump

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Sep 2018 09:33:44

Filthy water accumulated at a corner of the lake along side the bund, says it all.

By Nandu Andhare,

Police Line Takli Lake, that was once a pristine glistening jewel surrounded by greenery, has now become a huge dump of sewage water, all collected from the neighboring Police Line Takli.


(1)A walking track along the bund looks attractive but foul smell emanating from the lake distracts visitors other than romancing couples
(2)A pathetic site greets the visitors where one can see broken idols of deities placed randomly at the base of a Peepal tree.
(3)The edge of the bund shows the kind of litter that has been dumped in the lake and the overgrown water hyacinth that has occupied the entire lake. 




The Hitavada, while undertaking a series on various water bodies of the city, visited the Police Line Takli Lake, and what was visible by way of the name, was a spot fully covered by water hyacinth, cholk-o-block with no space for any more growth and the source of the lake, which were the streams under the growth, now completely choked by foul smelling sewage water, that merrily gurgles down from behind the wall of the Police line, through dense foliage of over grown trees and mingles into the lake.

The Hitavada found one good Samaritan here in Walde Guruji, who said he use to be Commander of Jambuwantrao Dhote, and often visited this spot, only to get repulsed by its sheer accumulated filth. Showing this scribe around, Walde Guruji narrated how the lake, forty years ago, really looked like one with clear, clean water, that was the main source of water supply to he neighbouring wells through ground water. Now, over the years, the water body started to get the sewage water from the Takli Police Line into its fold. The source of this sewage flow is from inside the Police Line and no one is bothered to check or find out how this is happening. Civic authorities are conspicuous by their absence.

The Lake has a nice peripheral road along the embankment that was once a walkers paradise. Now, it is the biggest breeding ground for mosquitoes and ideal for wholesale manufacturing of dengue and malaria. A giant Peepal tree is abode for all the abandoned idols of deities, some with broken limbs, left to the mercy of the weather, that decorate its base. It is surprising how the law abiding citizens, living across the wall, that separates the lake from the Police Line Takli, have remained silent on such an issue which is life threatening, unhygenic and needs to be attended on priority.

If only these powerful men in Khaki and their womenfolk take it on themselves as a social community project and do things seriously, this could be a long term fruitful mission under the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. The Police Line Takli could become a role model for others to emulate. Being a
project of the Police, no one will dare to misbehave, or throw litter. Besides, it will attract birds, like it use to before, that will add to the beauty and their songs will be music of the ears.

One of the old residents of the region, Dr Tapati Day, expressed her anguish to this scribe. She said, “The pristine green growth, lush and woody, on this path that turns left towards the CID Office on Jafar Nagar, is supposed to be the coolest patch in West Nagpur. Away from the chaos of traffic snarls, it is a relief both to the eye and the heart for a nature-lover.

The small water body on this turning, the Police Line Takli lake, which once was a place to admire for its location, it’s visitors, be that cranes, swans, ducks and ducklings, a few varieties of fishes, all that God had blessed this place with.
During festivals like Ganesh Visarjan, Mahalaxmi Visarjan, or Chhat Puja, this little place gave a festivity look!

All of a sudden, the little ripples in this place are lost! A thick sheet of velvet green has covered the place entirely, that an absent minded might walk over it without realising, that once that place had a water body! Unfortunately, the place was being used by the unruly, unsocials and the youngsters for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to the authorities for cordoning off the place.But nothing has been done to regain the lost identity of the huge pond.

Quite a few NGOs met the authorities time and again to take care and beautify the place but were told that it was Government property so they will do the needful. Due to their apathy, the situation of this place is such that this city is fast losing all that Nature has offered so generously.

Tall talks about making the city a smart city, beautifying the city with Metro Rail and sea planes are being read and heard. Can the guardians of the city take one firm step to weed out the apathetic attitude of dusting nature under the rugs of neglect and save Nature from this forced ignominy? How many more of these beautiful natural jewels do we have to lose because of our own care-a-damn attitude towards Nature?