Assessment of Govt work by public will only be deemed correct: CM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2019 12:50:36


Staff Reporter,

Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the assessment of works of the Government departments and officials made by the public will only be considered correct. If the public says the work is good, the State Government will also consider it good. On the contrary, if the public says the work is not up to the mark and is not being done, then the State Government will consider the opinion of the public. The Chief Minister was addressing a meeting of officials of Chhindwara division on Monday.

Chief Minister Nath told to strengthen the system of implementation of the scheme and Government decision at the field level. The people should get cent percent benefit of the scheme. The schemes and policies should be prepared and implemented effectively keeping the development and protection of interests of the poor, weaker sections and Scheduled Caste-Tribes etc.

Need to change outlook and thinking as per development:

The Chief Minister said that, changing rules and policy does not help much. There is need to change and assimilate one’s thinking and outlook in accordance with the present requirement and changes taking place at a faster pace. He said that, the need to work with new thinking, outlook and awareness should be understood. This is the age of new technology and internet. People are aware. Keeping all this in mind, the officials should think about improving work and give their suggestions. Suggestions about what changes can be brought about should be given to the State Government.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that, the poor and the weak should get the protection and support of the State Government and they should also feel it. Relaxation in rules for their welfare can also be considered. It is not right to assume today that the rules and regulations, traditions being followed since long are correct. They should be tested with awareness and correct thinking.

Officers-employees should look upon Government service as public servants: The Chief Minister told the officers / employees that they must respect their Government service and make it respectable in the eyes of the public. See your Government service as a public servant. He said that the Government servant is the medium between of development and public welfare. He said that, the officials should jointly conduct public hearings with MLAs and people’s representatives. They should solve public grievances. If any problem cannot be resolved at their level, then they should seek the support of the legislators. Chief Minister Nath said that, I am a public representative and will fulfill my responsibilities cent percent. He said that, I have faith that the officers will be ready to serve people with a new outlook, determination and enthusiasm. The level of administration and service level will be made excellent.

Nath apprised himself with the development works being done in Chhindwara district. He said that, the officers should do such excellent work, that the development of Chhindwara district sets an example. He said that, Chhindwara owes its distinct identity to its new constructive, creative thinking, outlook and awareness. This should be maintained as we move ahead.

Benefits of forest produce should reach forest dwellers, tribals:

He instructed that the benefits of forest produce like Chiraunji, Harra, etc. should reach the forest dwellers and tribals. Full utilisation of the amount meant for mineral development should be ensured. Government land and buildings that have been unused for years, should be used for public, poor and weaker sections. He said that several mines of WCL (Western Coalfields Limited) have closed down since several years. Land of these mines has been given on lease by the State Government. Such land can be utilised to bring schemes to enhance industries and agriculture and job opportunities.

Pace of development in Chhindwara as per manifesto

The Chief Minister said that the irrigation facility should be expanded in Chhindwara district. While the full capacity of available irrigation reservoirs should be utilised, on the other hand, the mini and micro irrigation facilities should be expanded. Irrigation facilities in Amarvada, Harrai and Tamia should be increased on priority basis. Special efforts should be taken to ensure that the people neither suffer the torment of displacement nor should forest land be destroyed. He said that, all the departments should make such a workplan along with the legislators in the next 15 days that is correct and justified. He said that, agriculture production has increased in Madhya Pradesh. Better use of this increased agriculture produce should be ensured. Economic activities have increased and people’s purchasing power has increased after a large amount has been invested with construction of highways and other roads in Chhindwara. Nath said that, gaushalas should be constructed and for this, the active support of gram panchayat and villagers should be taken. He said that, development should be given pace in Chhindwara as per the manifesto.

Chhindwara Collector Dr Srinivas Sharma apprised the Chief Minister with the development and public welfare schemes and workplans being undertaken at a fast pace in the district at the meeting. Among those present at the meeting were MLA Sarva Deepak Saxena, Sohanlal Valmiki, Sunil Uike and Nilesh Uike, Divisional Commissioner Ashutosh Awasthi, Director General of Police Anant Kumar Singh and all district officials.