Growth Nothing more permanent than change

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2019 15:09:05

Saints, poets and spiritual leaders have often said, “Time isn't the main thing. It is the only thing”. I feel that time is the most stable thing around. Every day there is a sunrise,a sunset, these as ones change in a particular order, the Earth moves and the stars shine. No one can control this and things keep happening as if in a routine.

And yet, every year, every day and every momentis different from the earlier one. Growth is another irreversible facet of life and a part of change. In fact, human psychology requires change to survive. Growth doesn't mean just muscular and physical development but mental enhancement too.

Each microsecond human body is growing and no one can reverse it. What if you are given chance to live the age 25 for 5 years? You will nourish and flourish your beautyfor2years but in the third year you will miss growing and in the 5th year you will crave for growing. After all, this is human tendency to keep growing though, you always know, that it will all come to an end one day in the form of death. The most important phenomenon of growth is 'internal enhancement’. This is a vast concept.

Successful doctors all around the world claim some incurable diseases have been cure only because the patient had faith and resorted to internal healing. Internal healing is hidden hypothesis for overcoming not only disease but everything. Many people have experienced the power of internal healing and Internal widening of one’s vistas.

We think nothing is permanent, but change is permanent. Happiness and failure are consequence of this change which gives us an opportunity to live differently. The decisions we take taken growth on a new path. Growth in a broader respect presents, new unknown things before us. New things to be learnt. New things to be practiced. A meaningful quote about Karma states, ‘Karma: Think good thoughts, say nice things, use calm words, do good for others and eventually everything will come back’.


Vedashree Abhyankar