Practice leads to perfection, success: Anand Sabdhani

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2019 12:09:18


By Shaily Acharya

Anand Sabdhani, Director of Sabdhani Coaching Institute, Bhopal and motivational speaker believes that there is no short cut to success instead regular practice leads to perfection and accomplishment. Anand Sabdhani is also President of Rashtriya Sindhi Manch, President of Sindhi Samaj Uthhan Panchayat and Anand Sabdhani Educational Society. He has also been awarded with International Icon Award for extending his
social services.

Q: What has been the journey of Sabdhani Coaching from Inception till date?

A: Sabdhani Coaching was founded by my father Lalchand Sabdhani. In 1972, he started coaching with only 4 students for preparation of competitive examinations and after that the number of students continued to increase. Since then, the success of the tradition that has started, continues till now in Sabdhani Coaching. As now we have total 5 branches in including P&T Chouraha, Lalghati, Govindpura, MP Nagar and Gulmohar. Students of Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur cities, distant places of Madhya Pradesh and other States are benefited here.

Q: What are the objectives of your institute?

A: To make youth and teenagers self-dependent and self-supported. Our vision is to helping the young aspirant to make their dreams come true through high quality teaching and our mission is to support students in their efforts to achieve their academic goals and develop into self regulated learners.

Q: How many students from your institute have been selected in Govt sector?

A: Over 1,10,573 students has been appointed as officer in various Banks, Railways, other offices of Government, Semi Government and Private Organisations in Madhya Pradesh and other States so far. Every year, thousands of students gain success. Coaching services are available for Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Railway, SSC, Reserve Bank, IB, NABARD, EPFO, ESIC, LIC, GIC and other Competitive Examinations.

Q: Do you offer demo or trial classes before joining the institute?

A: Yes, the institute provides demo lectures for the candidates via online mode. The trained faculty imparts those lectures. It is provided on-line because it comes handy for the students to come closure to the quality we provide by just sitting at home. After that the students decide whether to take admission or not.

Q: Is there a rigid attendance  system to ensure student attend classes diligently?

A: Sabdhani Coaching institute never stresses on the attendance of the students instead it majorly focuses on their better performances. Better performance and improvement comes with regular practice. The institute conducts regular basis test which helps in analysing the performance of the students. The brilliant performers are encouraged while the least performers are assisted to find solutions to their problems.

Q: How is the infrastructure and learning environment provided in your institute?

A: It is not about the external beauty of buildings and classes but what we meant is to sharpen the internal beauty of the students and for this we provide them library with quality materials, extra classes, doubt sessions, personality development and motivational classes and computer lab in each of the institute centres. This has been proved very essential for the students that resulted in their performances.

Q: What are the facilities that you provide apart from the regular classes?

A: We provide complete study material comprising of books on Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English, Clerical Aptitude and Marketing, G A, G K and Banking Mock PO/Clerk papers and Memory-based papers are also being conducted at our Institute on regular basis as part of our curriculum. Apart from that we have the Problem Solving Section (PSS), where you will get solution to all the problems that you come across while solving questions. We also provide the Library facility from 8 am to 8 pm. We guide students through the length of the entire examination pattern. We provide many short techniques, process, facts, and knowledge required for taking exam. Sabdhani success rate can be gauged from the fact that we have the highest number of final selections for the past 42 years.

Q: Where does your institute stand among other competitive coaching institutes?

A: Competition with others is a natural phenomenon but the motive and goal of our institute is to make students compete with themselves. This will develop better analytical and improving skills among the students. The institute makes students to have competition with their own so that they can perform better than before and after all their success is our success.

Q: How your institute helps the misguided students to choose  appropriate field for them?

A: Usually, it is seen that the misguided students are just confused about their career due to various factors like what his or her friend is going to choose or what is best in today’s competitive era. Thus, we organise the expert lectures for them along with counselling sessions so that this would help them choosing the right field.

Q: Despite dedicated and passionate youngsters, many choose short cut for success, what would you like to say on this?

A: There is no short cut to success. It is myth of such youngsters, who try to choose this path which fails always. In today’s era there is lot of competition among youngsters in each field and the dire need of the hour is to do hard work along with smart work.

Q: How does your institute help the economically deprived youngsters in achieving their goal?

A: There are many such youngsters, who are brilliant in studies but fails to afford fees of coaching institute so Sabdhani Coaching Institute provides free of cost learning in the coaching. But in return we ask them for to attend classes on mandatory basis for their betterment. As well as, many offers are provided on various occasions like women candidates are provided free coaching on Women’s Day.

Q: Apart from coaching, does Sabdhani Coaching contribute in any social service?

A: Yes, the institute organises blood donation camp, distribution of blanket, stationary and books to the underprivileged people and students, free health check up camps, arrangement of food and water for birds and various other social works. I follow the steps of my father Lalchand Sabdhani and believe that whatever has been given to us by God’s grace must be given back in some good way.

Q: Do you think it that preparation for Government examination along with continuing private job works well at the same time?

A: No, I would suggest, focusing on any one thing completely then only one can succeed. Though everyone has different capabilities, but still one should focus on the preparation of competitive exam with regular practice.

Q: According to you what is success mantra?

A: Practice makes a man perfect and regular practice leads to perfection is only the success mantra which I believe.

Q: These days we see coaching centers are growing like mushroom; students are confused how do they select the right education? Where do you see Sabdhani Coaching?

A: Sabdhani Coaching Institute says, do not put too many irons in the fire. We prepare you whole heartedly for one goal at a time and make you successful. We improve the basics because clearing basics improves your efficiency to answer question and time management is very crucial to take any exam.

Q: What is your future planning?

A: I do not believe in any future planning instead I think what matters is improvement in the performance of students and maximum number of selection of the aspirants.

Q: What suggestions would you like to give to young aspirants?

A: I would suggest that never run behind success. Even if you fail in an examination never be dishearten, try until you succeed.