Crossing the road with courage

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2019 10:59:29


By Dr Nanditesh Nilay,

He is struggling to stand and speak among others. His confidence is also shaking. Nothing is there to boost him. Finally, he sits silently. There is a huge traffic on the road and cars are moving with a draconian speed. How he will cross the road and reach to his village? First time he has dared to reach to the highway. But the sound of those vehicles is somehow making him frightened. He wishes to return to his village as early as possible. He has to cross the road. But how?

Lot of time in our life we find ourselves in the state of fear and confusion. On one side we find an even path on the other side the odd one. Though we try to live with smooth one yet the uneven of life has its own plan. It breaks us into pieces and makes us vulnerable. We don’t look like blood-flesh human being rather than a docile person who is panicked at the side of road. Such situations are always there in our life. Lot of times we succeed but a few times we fail too. This failure is costly. People start shouting or crying in the state of fear. Suddenly the best gift of God becomes meek. The story of human pursuit starts fading. Animals standing on the road side find it difficult to digest because man is also a part of animal kingdom. Fear fixes us on road side.

What to do now to cross the road? In the early 70s and 80s the lean and thin protagonist of Hindi cinema keeps on fighting with this fear throughout the film. In the end he or she finds a mean to subdue it and that is the spirit of valor. It helps to reconnect with the physical, mental and emotional health. In such a state one does not stop with the problems on the road but move with a clear focus on the other side of road. A fearful person runs around closes objects and a courageous has an ability to see beyond traffic and sounds.

He knows well that somebody is waiting on the other side and he has to be there. He or she understands that life is all about movement as fear has a trait to jam it. Courage makes all hurdles small and prepares the person for larger cause in life. Only a daring person can dream and that is enough for the young guy to get ready for crossing the road. He remembered those people who are their in the family waiting for him to come home soon. Ultimately he will bring money and hope to them by his presence. Today he has earned more at highway by selling sweet corn. He is not thinking how he will cross the highway tomorrow but certainly hugely excited to cross it safely and to reach home. Now he has courage with himself and nothing is more energetic than it.

Life is all about courage. It brings us closer to our strength. We begin to behave differently when we hold our nerve. The young boy has understood that fear is only a mental barrier rather than anything. It slows the pace of movement and makes the mind circumspect. Problems become giant the moment fear opens the eyes. Now the young boy is ready to cross the highway. He is finding again the lost confidence. He has become courageous now. Let’s live with courage and ensure that all those standing on the road side can cross the road.
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