Different shade of love

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2019 12:46:42


Set against the backdrop of Bihar, Agnifera started with a family drama of two unconventional brides and one groom entangled in an unusual dilemma. As the story progressed, Ragini and Srishti even with their opposing personalities formed a beautiful relationship and together protected their family from evil forces. 

The show recently took a 20-year leap and saw the gorgeous leading ladies in a totally new avatar as Agni and Sakshi. In complete contrast to what they were portraying before, the two of them are now shown as courageous, brave, and strong-headed women who wish to prove themselves in the eyes of their family and relatives.

In the current track, Kishan who successfully runs his family business is introduced to Sakshi (Simran Kaur) when she tries to extort her cut from Kishan for setting up business in her locality. He then comes in touch with Agni who he approaches and seeks help from against Sakshi and her gang. Trapped between these two females, Kishan finds himself in a spot as he is equally attracted to both of their unique qualities. Unaware of what the future holds for him, Kishan later finds himself in a tricky love tringle.  Tune into Agnifera every Mon – Fri at 7:30 pm only on &TV.